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Cathy R.

I have had chronic migraine for the past few years, Have tried almost every kind of remedy and only a few of them lessen the pain. Mine are triggered by hot humid weather, barometric pressure, bright lights and hormonal changes. I take 1/2 imitrex at the very start of the migraine but again, it’s not something you can take more than 3 times a week. I also take 2 ibuprofen with the imitrex. I take some milk with the imitrex because it helps with the nausea. I have tried topomax, helped for a while, then pooped out. Right now I am on verapamil, which helps with the intensity but not the frequency. Non drug remedies include tiger balm or Vicks on temples and neck, ice packs, sunglasses and massaging my temples and head. I have tried Botox and it does nothing for me. Ditto for magnesium supplements and Vitamin B. I am thinking of trying fish oil and peppermint oil.


My sisterhhas ER grade migraines. Used med’s prescribed until I sent her magnesium oil. Use a dab on temples & wha La. Works great if used before U can feel it will be a whopper. Also safe to dab everyday to keep them away

T man

I have suffered from migraines since I was around 10years old . I am now 39. I have been to every type of doctor and all have there thoughts and ideas on why and how but to be quite honest nobody knows . I was convinced on that when the neurologist I was seeing at the Epworth Hospital. That it was all in my head and I should go try hypnotherapy (hypnoses) That’s when I was convinced they did not know.
But on a positive side there is one medication that does seem to work for me and that’s called
Zomig 2.5 grams my doctor needs to call Canberra to get authorisation to prescribe it to me . You only get 2 tablets in the box .
I can tell you this works and after about 25 minutes the migraine go away . If you have not tried this ask your doctor about it .


I had tried every thing the dr said to do then one day my dad suggested feverfew-jamaciandogwood. You get it in a liquid form.take about 1oz of water with one dropper full in the water not the best taste but it takes the pain away. Lately i have had to take a benadryl with the liquid seems to help since most of my migraines are from allergic reaction.

Mrs. Culbert

What I do is take iburpofen 500 mg and drink coffee or a coke. Then I ice my neck and my temples. I even bought a ‘migraine relief’ cool pack from groupon that actually helps. Immediately then I take a zofran and eat some candid ginger. My migraines come with nausea everytime. I have had migraines since I was 4 years old now 26. The one thing that works for me is imitrex 100 mg and, Accupuncture and OXYGEN! The imitrex makes me have anxiety for about 20 minutes but i rather deal with that then the migriane. I live in Colorado and due to the lack of oxygen and when the weather changes which is every few days! Your DR can prescribe the oxygen to you and yes it looks weird but it works trust me.

Cleveland guy

After pain has started, i try one or all of these….Chamomile green tea, showers in the dark, ice packs to painful area, acetaminophen, quite, napping in total darkness, vapo rub on neck,shoulders and tempos.
My headaches started with a TMJ condition. I now see a chiropractor, neurologist, and general practitioner. All say they don’t know how to stop them. My cures work sometimes. I need to find something more permanent… Can anyone help me!?��


I recently accidentally stumbled upon Young Living Essential Oils, they have changed my familys life! My hubby has always had terrible Migraines, they are finally under control!! He puts Valor, Panaway, and Peppermint oils on his forehead, nose/sinus, temples and neck. They diminish in 30 mins! Thats only one example of how Oils have helped us. Please contact me if you are interested to learn more remedies! [email protected]


I have been diagnosed with migraines since I was 10 years old. I’ve learning how to identify my triggers, smoked meats and sun glares. I have learned not to stress over things in life and I divorced my ex husband and 95% of my migraines went away. Now for the the remaining migraines, once I get my vision back from the floaters, I immediately take either excedrine or tylenol 3. If the pain does show up I have someone use their thumbs and press very hard on the two bumps at the base of my skull. They need to push hard enough to recreate the pain of the migraine then hold the pressure until you just can’t take it any more. Once they let go, give it a couple of minutes and the majority of the pain should be gone. My chiropractor use to do it to me. Good Luck.


Bite into a popsicle and hold it against the roof of your mouth and let it dissolve. Keep repeating as needed. Really takes the edge off the pain. Popsicles can also help with nausea/vomiting in some people. Plus they taste good too! I use just regular popsicles (cherry, grape, and orange) and not anything with yogurt, chocolate, or fruit which I think can make the nausea worse.


I have suffered with migraines since I was 17….52 now. Tried all the over the counter meds, even been to the emergency room. Recently I read some comments on this website about fruits and cheese can trigger a headache. I also read about feverfew and B12. I would get a migraine for now obvious reason and could not control them with anything. But since reading suggestions on this website I have controlled and I believe found the prevention for my migraines. I take one feverfew capsule a day, plus one 500 mg of B12 and I rub Vicks Vaporrub in my temples and right under my noise. I have had a migraines since starting this 5 weeks ago. This is major for me. Oh, every now and then I will place peppermint oil in boiling hot water and place a towel over my head and breathe the fumes. A migraine tried to get on me about 3 weeks ago but it was controlled by the things I just mentioned. I am elated. I have had to deal with migraines for over 32 years and now I believe I finally got the winning combination. Hope this will help someone out there who may be suffering just like I was. I can tell you that living migraine free is a wonderful thing.


This suggestion is more to prevent migraines, not treat them once they’ve started. I worked hard to identify my triggers and found that artificial sweeteners of any kind trigger. I now use agave nectar and those migraines are gone. I still get wicked migraines from fragrances. If any of you are using any kind of scented personal products such as body wash, lotion, perfumes, soaps, etc, stop using those and see if the migraines stop. Plug in air fresheners trigger me also, and some folks are bothered by scented laundry products and scented candles. Basically anything perfumed or scented, remove it from your environment. Tried beta blockers & Topamax and neither worked and both had awful side effects. Neurologist wasn’t much help, kept wanted to put me on stronger and stronger drugs, so I fired him and focused on identifying my triggers and that is how I manage the migraines. Hope someone finds this helpful!


I was suffering from a debilitating migraine last night when I stumbled onto this forum desperate for relief. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who suggested peppermint oil and vapo rub. I did not have either of these things at home and it was midnight therefore running to the store was out of the question (so were the caffeine suggestions). What I did have was Trader Joes tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner which contains peppermint and Noxema. I sat in the bathtub in the dark with the tea tree oil shampoo and Noxema on my face for about 10 minutes. I finally had enough relief to be able to fall asleep. When I woke up I was back to normal.


Basically you apply the following two cures to fix your migraine:
PREVENTION: Take the following combination each day (all 4 are needed for this to work)
500mg of Magnesium Chelate – take twice daily.
100mg of Vitamin B2 – take twice daily
500mcg Folic acid – once per day
Mini-aspirin – take one a day with food.
(Don’t skip on the folic acid it is key to increasing the B2 absorption and the overall effect).

If you get an AURA take a 500mg vitamin B3 tablet (NIACIN)
When head starts – drink a strong coffee (or pro-plus tablet) and 500mg vitamin B3 tablet (NIACIN) if you havent taken one already.
Beyond that take your mersyndol and go to bed with the lights off and suffer until migraine is completed.

You need to understand that your body is doing the right thing for you by having a migraine. When you are doing PREVENTION you are trying to prevent your blood

vessels in the brain contracting to the point when your brain is not getting enough oxygen. If you hit this trigger point, then your body will dilate your blood

vessels rapidly, but what happens is it overshoots before eventually settling down at the correct level. This process often starts with an aura, then lots of pain

as vessels dilate, and sometimes nausea and vomiting as your system until things settle down.
WHEN MIGRAINE STRIKES, what you need to take is counter-intuitive, you take things that contract the blood vessels to SLOW DOWN the rate of dilation so the body

takes a smoother curve to get back to normal – hence the Niacin (B3) and strong coffee, plus the usual painkillers/sleepy meds such as mersyndol. The timing is

therefore important. but this process will reduce the pain and shorten the length of the migraine attack. Hope that helps


Everyone is different. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies. Had migraines since i was 6, am 35 now. My go to nowadays is excedrin at the early stages, but it can have a rebound effect if taken more than two-three times a week. So,some things I will try that sometimes work are: 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar in a little water with honey
Feverfew-three capsules but I notice they mess up my cycle and I already have menstrual migraines so that usually makes them worse
Ginger with ibuprofen, well it worked the first time I tried it then not so much but heard it works for some
Cold pack/ice pack all around my head or at least on the side of pain
Having someone press at the base of my neck, the two bumpy areas where your skull meets your neck if that makes sense
Vitamin B2- 400mg daily, his one you have to take daily for a month or so but I noticed fewer migraines when I used it and am starting it again
I’ve heard magnesium can help, supposedly we’re deficient in mag when we have migraines
Fish oil-omega 3 is supposed to be another good one for inflammation
Basically figuring out your triggers and staying away, foods that cause inflammation are a big no no
Taking diphenhydramine and going to bed! Usually this works great!
Peppermint oil on your forehead and temples eases my pain temporarily but doesn’t make it stop
I’m going to look into the blood type diet soon and see if that might help with them. Seeing a neurologist is a great idea, it can take some trial and error at first. But if your like me and don’t have insurance that’s out of the picture. One that I saw some years ago had me try topamax whichade me into a sloth.
About the only thing I haven’t tried and heard can help is Botox so maybe if I ever get insurance!


In 2009, after a terrible eye injury, I had to have 5 surgeries to save the eye. I had never had a single headache, so I honestly did not recognize the migraine..I though something was wrong with my eyes.
After the 3rd surgery, I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. Daily headaches with up to 3 severe migraines a week.
After 4 years, I have been through a long list of symptoms. Including numbness in my lips, blurred vision, confusion, vomiting, etc.I have figured out some triggers such as stress, bright lights/sunshine, cinnamon, strong smells, and noise…did I mention I work in a bright office with children?!?! And women never realize that their candles put some people in pain or they really don’t need THAT much perfume on (men too for that matter.)
With a big team of physicians and lots of google searches (and I mean almost daily searches) I have found a couple of things that ease the pain a bit. I have medications from my doctors (3 to be exact) but they do not always help.
I have found that sitting in the bathroom when the shower is steaming helps when the weather is changing…but only while you are in there.
Large amounts of caffeine (even in pill form) will ease it for a couple of hours.
One of my favorites is putting Vicks on my will make them ease just enough to function properly. (It also repels people~which is a good thing while you have a migraine)
And I also have to take a minute to remember that if I get nervous or anxious when I feel it coming on, it will only get worse so smile through the pain and calm down.


Make yourself throw up. it opens your brain for oxygen, instant fix. From years of severe migraines and imitrex being so expensive this works the best.


I have suffered from migraines since I was 15 I am now 35. I have pinpointed many triggers. Chocolate, too much or too little caffeine, aged cheese, nicotine (I quite smoking almost a year ago) alcohol (quit 10 years ago) fluorescent lights, bright lights of any kind, flashing lights caused by video games, lack of sleep, not sleeping with c-pap on. I have been working with neurologist, Neurosurgeon, and pain management psychologist for 6 years now. I do have a neurological condition called pseudo tumor cerebri but I also have secondary condition of chronic migraines. I’ve prayed before every surgery (13 so far) that it would cure my migraines no luck. I am at the point of desperation now. I am now on permanent disability and my quality of life is miserable. I have tried Burberry (waste of money) vitamin b, many non narcotic pain killers imitrex etc. After reading advice on this site I will try natural oils and head bands. Oh and the weather seriously affects them.. I live in northern California and its not conducive weather for migraines. Dry weather such as Arizona makes me feel like a human being again. I can actually get out of bed. I’m so desperate that I am in a new pain program being assessed for a pain pump. Honestly I hope I’m approved. I’m desperate for relief. I do a lot of meditation in the least it sloths my mind.


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