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Menstrual Cramps 20 Home Remedies

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Divorced Mom

Take a warm bath and soak.

Also, take a plain warm water enema.

Very relaxing. Soothing.

Both work.

I get an enema when laying on a towel in the tub of warm water.


I have had horrible cramps for years and had to take heavy duty pain meds just to be able to function properly. A friend of mine whose mom is a naturopath recommended that I take calcium. I tried it and it really works! I still needed the occasional ibuprofen, but the cramps were much more manageable. I did notice that if I didn’t take it consistently(that means every day, ladies!) that it wouldn’t work. But it was definitely the best remedy I’ve found!


I have had such horrible cramps ever since I got my first period over twenty years ago. The cramps would leave me doubled over in pain and my periods were irregular and unbelievably heavy. It was not uncommon for me to leak through nighttime pads. I had accepted this as my normal.

Then about a year ago, I decided to look into reusable / washable pads for environmental reasons. While researching brands, I came across a lot of information from women who had switched and said not only did they notice a decrease in their cramps, but they also noticed a decrease in the length of their period. I decided to try the reusable pads, but was doubtful that I would notice any difference.

The very first time I got my period and I used the reusable pads, my period went from 7 days long, with five of those days being extremely heavy, to a total of four days, with only one heavy day. My cramps were also non-existent. Even my husband made mention a few months in that I wasn’t complaining of cramps anymore. I’ve now been using Charlie Banana reusable pads for over a year and still notice a great decrease in not only the length of my cycle, but also in the severity of my cramps.

Lots of research online points to all the bleach and chemicals they put in disposable pads and tampons as actually causing you to bleed longer and heavier, with more severe cramps.


i submitted this in the pain catigory about a week ago and feel it deserves a mention here as well since its worked flawlessly for me, Kratom also known as Mitragyna speciosa its an herb you can buy it online for like anywear from 8 to 20 bucks for an oz its amazing like i swear it works just like vicodin or oxycodone i took it and like a half an hr latter im cramp free and have energy i take it with sugar and lemon the lemon helps bring out the properties and the sugar just makes the powder go down easyer also when you get it also get some Kava Kava its a natural mussle relaxant and high doses acts kind of like valium and all this stuff is totaly natural the only side effect with the kratom ive gotten is constipation so might wanna get some senna tabs just in case plus its good to have a stash on hand durring that time of the month. any way happy bleeding:)


I accidently discovered that pure Lavender oil rubbed on the back of my neck and on pulse points relieves my menstrual cramps. I was using the oil for a different purpose entirely, and was pleasantly suprised when I didnt have the pain I have always had when I’m menstruating. I’m going on the third month in a row with no cramping, and the only thing I can attribute it to is Lavendar oil. If you try it, make sure its a high grade quality. I have found Young Living essential oils to be the best quality so far. I have found them to be so highly effective, I have joined their membership. If you order from the young living website, reference #1847696 as your referral source.

Tasleem. blackseed

I’ve been struggling with terrible menstrual cramps since I started menstruating at age 13. I took Tylenol/acetaminophen until my body no longer respond took apart from making me nauseous, and ibuprofen until it gave me horrible ulcer at 28. I then realized that I needed to make some changes. I started looking for a holistic approach to remedy my monthly battle. I think I found it! Five months now I’ve been taking a tablespoon of blackseeds(black cumin) and a clove of garlic with juice just before bed every night. Since I’ve been on this regimen, I’ve been cramp free! Id have remind myself I’m on my menses. This remedy also helps bring about normal bowel movement as I’ve always had constipation issues. In my opinion it also boosts my immune system. I’m glad I experimented because I feel great!


I used to get cramps bad even in upper legs. My friends mother recommended her grandmothers secret: take 1/2 teaspoon ginger (powdered kind) chase it with some milk. Don’t know how it works but better than any pain reliever I’ve ever used. The milk tames the flavor.


Having an orgasm works to relieve the cramps, ibuprofen, warm baths and herbal tea (ginger work great). Try to stay away from caffeine; it tends to make them worse. I get the most relief if I start taking the ibuprofen as soon as I feel a twinge. I have fibroids and have joined a study; best move I’ve made in a while. I get a stipend, my pads and tampons are supplied and I see a team who understands what I am going through. I suggest anyone who has unbearable pain once a month be checked for fibroids and if you have them find a study.


I get really bad cramps, to the point where I have to go to the ER. Terrible abdominal pain, lots of vomiting, nausea, and I wont be able to eat for about 3 days. They prescribe me medication and sometimes it works.

My suggestions:
•Take 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours with Ginger Ale.
•Buy a bed buddy, warm in microwave or fill up a plastic bag with hot water, place on stomach or legs.


Avoid ice cream during your period. Drink a glass of water mixed with Epsom salt if cant stand it straight add lemon juice. It works.

shy 6

I know most people say heat is the answer to cramps, and yes it does help tremendously. But I have found cold and ice to work so much better! I used to get crippling menstrual cramps every month. I wasnt able to move for at least a day, if not more. I would cry myself to sleep on the floor curled up in a ball. It was dreadful. Finally I grabbed 2 plastic bags ane filled them with ice and put them where my cramps hurt the worst. I laid there for a few minutes and found the pain started to go away! It didnt take the pain completely away, but I was able to sit up and relax(: Hope this helps you!!


Two days before period begins,start taking Ibuprofen tablets. Helps me a lot!
Also absolutely NO cold drinks.


Suffered for years tried it all by far the best answer was a hystorectomy. But if you can’t get one I recommend high quality weed!! It works for almost everything


Cranberry! I know people say you can take out dairy and caffeine, but those are probably my two favorite ‘food groups’ in this world so I’m not willing to do it just because I’m a female. Bananas somewhat work for me since they have the magnesium you need to help, but I started taking cranberry pills about two years ago and it’s worked wonders. I take about 2000-3000 mg over the course of a day (you can get pills from just about anywhere) about five days before my period starts and I have SIGNIFICANTLY lower cramping (and I definitely have debilitating cramps). I forgot to take them a few times and each time I forgot my cramps were back to horrific. I also take ibuprofen for my back pain then, but other than that it works like a charm for me. Everyone will probably be different, but the best peace of home remedy information that I learned is that people often don’t take enough of it to be effective! So if you’re going to try bananas…eat three a day. One other thing, my friend does eat a lot of yogurt for her cramps and that does seem to help for her, but never did for me.


I just take advil, drink a coke slushy, and read a book or something to tke my mind off it XD


This has eliminated if not at least significantly reduced my cramps. A week before my period i take lydia pinkham herbal remedy tablets for menstrual discomfort(amazon) this gives me energy during that time stops bloating also seems to regulate periods and shorten them and lighten them at least for the last 3 months ive used it. dont eat foods that make you gassy if you do have gas take a tbsp of yellow mustard(with bread or something wash it down with HOT TEA or Hot Water)this stops gas and bloating. I also eat yogurt to keep from being constipated this makes a huge difference in the severity of my cramps if i have any. Peppermint is also great one period i didnt have anything but metro mint water and peppermint altoids and no cramps at all. For me the cramps were due to gas mainly but once in awhile it was just my uterus trying to fly away. STAY AWAY FROM CAFFIIENE(however its spelled) and SALT they F up your cramps.more.

To prevent cramps that have you curled up dizzy sweating and vomiting please take ibprophen or excedrin extra strength and alternate every 6 hours with the lydia pinkham tablets the entire week before your period by the time it comes its super light and no cramping at all. These have helped to where ive only used my heating pad 3 times in the last 3 months. Try one or all but for me it hhas worked wonders i can function. I just want to help others who are suffering.


i’m 18 years old now,and i am suffering from menstrual cramps from the almost 7 years now… i just left using caffeine( coffee mostly) and i started doing yoga, 30 minutes everyday ( only tiger stretch and suryaasan )and on my periods this time, i didn’t have cramps…so, any gal out there, experiencing such cramps on periods, just try it out… 🙂


I find if I get my spouse to rub my upper back & lower back it helps Try it


10 pepper corns + 2 pamprin + hot tub of water + heat pad = NO MORE CRAMPS :P!

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