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I have a 3 year old husky who does have Demondectic mange as well; which is rare for dogs this age. After reading many remedies on this thread I do have to say, NEVER, use motor oil as a few recommended. As a vet tech I myself have seen animals die a terrible, long painful death from motor oil. In regards to the mange the only thing I found that worked, after the vet prescribed meds, was to keep the dog off all commercial dog foods, switch over to raw and just work on her immune system. Great results.


Sally’s Mange Cure:

We had a stray cat that we made friends with, who would just come hang out with us when we’d sit outside. One day his coat started to turn orange (he was black) and the fur started falling out. Under it I could see that he had an itchy painful rash. I was pretty sure it was mange, so I read up on it and invented the following cure. I mixed together equal parts sea salt (has to be sea salt, not iodized) hydrogen peroxide, and extra virgin olive oil, mixed it up, and, with a plastic glove gooped it on his infected areas. He was a sometimes skittish cat, but he still let me smooth it on these painful areas, which suggested to me that it felt ok on his skin. I kid you not, the very next day, the sores were healing up, and within 2 days, his fur was growing back. I’d say within 2 weeks his fur was pretty much back to normal. It was great to see him comfortable again, as he was a complete cutie. Not sure if EVO, sea salt or h2o2 are ok for dogs, but it works amazingly for cats. Plus it seems comfortable, rather than painful for them to have it put on them. I’m thinking he licked it a little, and also ingested, the concoction. As a side note, if a cat has worms, if you mix a little loose, raw tobacco in his food, it eliminates the worms quickly, and harmlessly.


This is to/ I love my great Dane! Any type of garlic is poison to animals,it will kill your dog. Please be sure to check and Re:check before you decide to do any thing for your pet/s.No powder garlic as its loaded with salt and fresh garlic is just as dangerous. Ask questions,do many web searches etc. okay? good luck.


Hydrogen peroxide, and Borax laundry soap (powder),(Not) the ant killer!!
and water, the only thing different that I do is I do the whole body, and then I do not wash it off! every other day for few days till I see improvements. Works every time, again you have to stay on it, and watch your animal. Just like children, and antibiotics as soon as they feel better you don’t stop you finish the medication, that’s how they usually get re- infected. because its not all gone. but they look and feel much better.


I didn’t know what could have got rid of mange. I used lime 3 times a day until i see improvement. It really works. Try it.
i am 14 and i love them.


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