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I made a paste with diatomotaceous earth (food grade, of course – very important, purchased at Tractor Supply) and generic A&D ointment from Walgreen’s. I’ve been putting it on a quarter-sized bare spot on my dog (diagnosed by a vet as demodex) every day for a couple of weeks. The hair is starting to grow back. The vet wanted me to bring him in for weekly baths/dips at 50 bucks a pop. The DE and ointment cost a few bucks. I’ve also started dusting my dogs with DE for fleas and mixing in their food for internal parasites.

Jon Snow

Puppy Name: Jon Snow
Breed: Shih Tzu
Type: Princess
Age: 3 Months and 20 Days

Problem: Severe Itching. I can’t sleep right now and worried for him for having a severe itching.

Yesterday: We tough Jon Snow severe itching is just a cause of Fleas, so we decided to bath him and remove manually and fleas.

Earlier this day: We noticed that he is still having trouble scratching itching all over his body so we tough maybe there are sill lice or fleas left on his long hair, so we decided to groomed and full bald our puppy. And we take him to the vet right after the groomed for 5in1 Vaccine, and we asked the Vet for pimple like all over his body. Vet said after 7 days bring the puppy so I can skin scrape so we can determine what cause of the pimple like.

Now its 1:26AM here and I rushed to the nearest Drug Store to buy a Aloe Vera Gel. This product contains:
*Alcohol Denat
*Polysorbate 20
*Caprylyl Glycol
*Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
*CI 19140
*CI 42090
This product was made by Banana Boat

I saw on the internet that this Aloe Vera can treat the itching. Although the user didn’t mentioned the Brand or Name of the Product. I still bought and put some gel on the area of which he itch scratch the most. He lick alot on the area where I put the Gel.

Observation: Jon Snow is now sleeping on the normal position of sleep he always do.


I have a 5 month old Pitbull / Lab mix that has developed rashes and itching from the belly, neck, hind legs and arm pits. went to the vet for a check up and found out he has MITES. found this site and tried the Borax, Peroxide, Water combo. i bathed him 2 consecutive days and then every other day. Doing the Olive oil application to the bare skin site. within 24 hours my little one isn’t scratching as much. He finally got a decent sleep. Will continue this for 6 weeks and we will visit the vet after that and get some test done.

I also sprayed the same mixture around his sleeping area and bed. Thank you so much for the info here. will keep everyone posted as my little gets better


My bulldog got mange when he was 8 months old but the vet said he’d outgrow it in a few months. It got worse and worse and after 6 months I couldn’t wait any more. I tried borax and peroxide, listerine and newstock then found out about this Mite Avenge dip on here. Very good stuff if your dog has mange. Look them up.


Take the dog a bath with dawn dry the dog up then get a empy spray bottle,cup or watever put warm water, mouth wash, peroxide in it mix it make sure that u put ore water in the cup thn thes other ingredients and less peroxide after you are done applying this to all its coat let it dry then put baby oil or antibactirial ointment on the coat this realy works apply every other day do it one day skip a day i dnt think its realy nessesary to bath the dog every other day probly 3 times a week will do 😉


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