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November 18, 2017
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Take a cotton ball..apply cleansing milk to it and use it to remove ur will have like…mascara and stuffs all ovr the area around ur eyes.. dont worry..take another clean cotton ball..apply gel based face cleanser(for oily skin beauties)or cream based (for dry skin beauties) and with the second cotton ball gently remove alk makeup around the can take a wash cloth for ur face to remove face makeup..if u r running out of cotton balls..but use cotton..for eyes as they are very delicate.
finally… pat dry ur face.. and apply toner..
and then apply moisturiser.

shy 6

Okay so I finally found a way to get all of my mascara off my eyes! Its super easy and doesnt give you the painful spots that ypu get from using a washrag. First all you do is get some water on your hands and rub your eyes. Just get as much off as you can. There will stillbe mascara everywhere, thats ok. (: Next get unscented lotion and rub your eyes while they are closed. When your done wipe off the lotion with a towel while it is still damp and there ya go(:


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