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November 16, 2017
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Each day before getting up stretch the lower back by slowly/steadily pulling knees up to chest, while lying on back.

Then straighten one leg at a time towards the ceiling while grabbing ankle area with hand of the same side (left leg – left hand etc.) thereby stretching out hamstrings…hold each side for thirty seconds – it shouldn’t hurt a lot, a little pain is okay, if it hurts a lot, use less force.

Then while still on back do numerous reverse pedaling motions with feet up in the air. (Opposite the direction of a bicycle.)

Add a couple of groin stretches for good measure, and whatever else fits the ‘loosening up bill’.

Also as convenient employ a series of pelvic lifts, (where lying on back with knees bent one lifts their hips up in the air and back down repeatedly.

Then when sufficiently warmed up and in need of a rest…place a rolled up towel or small round pillow about the size of one’s calf under the small of your back, and stack a few pillows and/or cushions up to elevate your feet with knees comfortably bent at near 90 degrees, and lay there as relaxed as can be until a noticeable tinge of numbness occurs in lower back are where rolled towel/pillow is placed…usually around 15-30 minutes.

Then take lower back pillow out and push cushions away and lay flat on back for a brief time 1-3 minutes.

This can realign the lower back to it’s proper curvature if like me, you’ve developed a flat spot in your lower back mainly from having poor posture in the past (not sitting up

Someone also sells a plastic molded ‘spine shaped board’ that one can lay on top of – that is designed to function similarly – think it was being sold on eBay a few years back.

Additionally, if lifting from a standing position try to remember to ‘look up’, this causes one to bend their knees and keep their back relatively straight…which reduces the odds of further injury.

Inversion tables can help too – where one straps in their feet and swings into a hanging upside down position.

Along with staying fit, toned abdominally, avoiding/eliminating being overweight.

With the right kind of assistance + perseverance very much good is indeed possible!


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