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So u know how people have been finding new uses for bacon? Bacon mints (those were gross!) bacon milkshake (even worse!!) well, bacon grease, I kid u not, plumps your lips. Its a natural moisturizer and it plumps your lips. It doesnt taste bad and it gives your lips a beautiful shine. DO NOT USE ON CRACKED OR CUT LIPS!! vvveeerrryyy painful!


All i do to plump my lips is about 10 min before leaving the house i rub toothpaste on them. I use a strong whitening one and so it tingles but works really well. I have never tried others but i guess they would work the same. Wash of when dry or when leaving.


Not trying to be cheesy but, this works for me.

Before going out to dinner with my husband I simply get him to suck on my lips. He has mastered it! When he sucks on the top lip he pulls out but, mostly in an upward motion. On the bottom lip he will pull out and in a downward motion. We have been married for over 10 years and we still love it. He really, really enjoys doing this and he loves the way my lips look afterwards and while we are out, it is a really big turn on for him to look at my plump lips and imagine sucking on them. This makes for an interesting evening, enjoyable for us both. I kind of hate to tell my little secret but… Maybe someone else will benifit from this ‘HOT TIP’ !


Olive oil
Dash of pepper(ground powder type)
Tooth brush

Mix It up in a small bowl or cup! Apply some mixture to your tooth brush and brush lightly for about 2 minutes untill the dead skin has gone!! Leaves lips smooth, looking + feeling plump!! Use your favorite lip balm after it makes lips feel + look good! PEPPER WILL TINGLE YOUR LIPS FOR A BIT!
Wrap the bowl up in cling film and place it in the fridge to use again:)


To get gorgeous lips:
First thing in the morning, shower. This will open the pores. While in the shower scrub your lips to get off the dead skin. Then put a really thick layer of dead sea salt lotion on your lips. Really any uncented lotion works but this worked well for me. Leave it on while you get ready for the day. Wipe it off, but to not rinse because you want to leave a little bit. Then buff your lips with an electric toothbrush to get of dead skin that didn’t come off in the shower and also to plump them up. Then put on your normal lip stick or gloss and you are good to go! You may find you don’t even need it any more because your lips will look gorgeous completely naked! Always carry lip balm in case your lips need it during the day. And always smile, which will draw amazed attention to your gorgeous lips.
Have fun!


i have always used this remedy before parties. grind some blackpepper, smooth olive oil on your lips, then rub the black pepper on the lips and exfoilate some more with an old toothbrush. i warn you this could be hot, if you have sensitive lips i dont recomend using this, but it really works and gives you smooth pink plumped up sexy lips =) enjoy


Lip Plumper [the best i’ve tried FOR ME (that means, it may not work for everyone or may not have the same effect)] I have normally sized and shaped lips, but if I am lookin for an extra ‘umph’ i use ground cayenne of whichever brand suits you most, chaptick..of your choice..and finally a minty toothpaste, once again, your choice.. mix a little cayenne and a whole stick of chapstick and melt in the microwave til soupy and slightly hot.. then place in a bowl and add enough toothpaste to make something like a mask.. finally take a toothbrush and brush over lips, irritating them.. place mixture on and leave for like 3 minutes, or until you cannot stand the burn nemore.. finally rinse with warm water and put on a light chapstick.. wait atleast 3 more minutes before you put on a heavy gloss so that your lips have time to recover.. *hopes this works*


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