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A spoonful of apple cider makes the leg cramps go away.


I have came down with sever leg cramps after leaving salt out of diet for a far few years. so my case manager told me to use magnesium. so I went to jadin chemist and brought their home brand magnesium so I took six in one day and was sitting on the toilet most of the next day. it didn’t take the pain away until hours later so I melt the big pill down in water and it worked almost immediately. now I’m on 2 pills a day and without running to the toilet. use only 1 pill per liter of cold water and let it sit for half an hour in a fridge and give the bottle a good shake couple of times


Hi my remedy is 6 teaspoons of peanut daily 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night this took my leg pains away almost totally I was almost running up the stairs again this is amazing! Thank you God bless


For leg pains my mother always told me to place a pillow lengthwise between my legs and lay on my side at night (which is when the pains occurred). It always helped me!


Use L-Arginine supplement it is a vasodilator but takes about 5 hours to work but one pill helps for days. It works well on people with small veins, varicose veins, spider veins, high cholesterol and the pain caused by these illnesses. L- ARGININE IS THE BEST. And maybe Fenugreek as well I am still undecided about Fenugreek though.


Since I was a young lad I have used this remedy and was surprised when I told others that didn’t know! It requires you to react instantaneously to the cramp. Tighten all muscles in that leg for about 30-45 seconds and suffer through it till the spasms go away. Releasing it slowly as you feel the muscles start to relax. Gone! and no residual pain all day!


A shot of apple cider vinegar everyday has helped me. Vinegar is a MUST have for home remedies. I have found keeping it in fridge seems to make it easier to drink.


my little sister woke up having leg pains so i put a warm cloth where the pain was and massaged her leg for five min and after a couple of minutes she sat up and gave me a hug and said it feels better 🙂


I have noticed that is that if you drink pickle juice it helps. It doesnt have to be pickle juice just something salty. My doctor said I have leg pains because i have a salt deficency. Another reason may be that you are lacking pottasium. So if that is true then you eat a banana. A banana is the fastest way to get pottasium. If you dont like them ( like me) Try putting peanut butter and honney on it. It is really good!


I get leg pains all the time, and i just lie on the floor and elevate my legs on the sofa or something. the blood will even itself out and the pain will go away


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