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November 15, 2017
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Roman McCoy

I found that staying in as hot a bath as you can handle really took the pain away. I did that and took Valerian Root which is a natural back pain remedy and it was the easiest stone I had passed. I will try the other remedies here as I just started passing blood which all of you knows what that means.

Larry B

Had a 5mm kidney stone in my ureter a week ago, cat scan confirmed. Given pain meds, flomax, naperson, and an abt. One week later still in agony. My wife found this website so we tried the equal parts of fresh lemon, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. Mixed 1/3 cup each and drank it before dinner. At 10pm the pain stopped, woke up and had coffee with my wife at 3am. Have not had any pain since 24hours later from when I drank it! No surgery needed now! And pain free! Thanks to all of you posting and my wife.


Passing Kidney Stones-

First of all, I keep seeing people mentioning CRANBERRY JUICE or pills. Please know that they WILL NOT HELP! It makes them WORSE.

Next- My cure that worked for me:

YES, Dark soda is a bad thing, BUT ***MY MD TOLD ME of this cure*** AND IT WORKED! I couldn’t believe he was suggesting this, but…

He said that he would never normally recommend soda, and asparagus is actually high in oxylates and not good for kidney stone sufferers, ****BUT THE COMBINATION of soda and asparagus together causes a chemical reaction that WILL WORK to pass the stones (they adhere somehow- He explained it but I can’t remember how he put it but basically, pull the stones with the mixture)****.

He said to drink 60 ounces (gag) of WARM coke- NOT DIET, and puree 1 pound of asparagus. Drink the soda within a 2 hour period and then down the asparagus puree. It was hard to get it all down, but I got most of it and held it as long as I could. I made it about a half hour but I was SO FULL I HAD TO barf a little to get rid of some of it. I then took a hot soak and passed the stones (5 of them) that same evening when I got out of the tub and peed.


You can thank me later after trying this remedy to pass kidney stone! I’ve had two blasted in hospital which costs $$$. Last 3 times I’ve been able to pass 4-5 ml stone on my own even though doctors tell me to go see urologist who will suggest liproscopic removal…with the help of pain meds and the “coke & asparagus” remedy. It works!! Basically you drink 6 real cokes (no diet, no Pepsi) within 2 hours. Boil fresh asparagus and put in blender until fully puréed. Drink asparagus within 5 minutes after drinking last coke. Google for more information.

matt k

Knowing something about sound and bass; I made my own apparatus. I took a wohl electric beard and hair trimmer, the old clunky huge kind, and a second smaller trimmer. I put one in front and one on side, back wards, with cloth wrapped around the trimmer. Don’t remove the metal trimmer because that actually is what creates the kind of deep low frequencies needed. I then took a subwoofer and while sitting on top of the subwoofer playing prerecording of “ohm” sounds (lots of people chanting Ohm, the ancient meditation sound) I moved the two electric shavers all around my torso and in many places held it. You can feel the vibrations, I imagine and I don’t say this to be gross that a woman’s sexual toy or personal massager would have similar effects. I broke the stone up to practically nothing but powder that showed up in my urine for the next day and one teeny tiny stone. And I know this was no small stone to begin with. It certainly wasn’t a record breaker but at 34 male and two urinary tract infections (first ever) this summer and being diagnosed twice (this summer) with severe dehydration, and a history of salt related medications (adderol and lithium) i know it wasn’t a baby. The pain when it set on was like being kicked in the back repeatedly. It didn’t come in 20 minute waves it was non stop. Ceaseless. I was literally shrieking so bad the housemates thot the neighbors would call police. When I took the shavers to my side…the pain was…not immediately gone but immediately subdued. I could feel it working. No joke it worked you don’t need a super expensive machine in a bathtub to take advantage of low frequency vibrations. Get creative.

Kelly Fink


So I’m actually here with a kind of question about my remedy. I’ve had tons of issues with Kidney stones since I had my last child, so much that I’ve been hospitalized twice in six months. I’ve been doing a ‘tonic’ of sweet basil, holy basil, dill pickle juice, and now putting some Flomax in the mix, because my doc told me I had to take ‘something’ or I’d be back in the ER . You can get the natural ingredients at any Food Co-Op (it’s unlikely your regular grocery store carries Holy Basil, mine doesnt anyway and I live in a pretty big city) You can buy generic Flomax online at CanadaPharmacyRx . com but when you use it, make sure you actually have a script for it because it can cause other issues. Anyway, what I;ve been doing is putting my meds in the tonic, but only taking the meds every other day and taking the tonic without it twice per day. It’s been a lot better. I wish I’d never have a KS again though:(


Both husband and daughter have kidney stones and are chronic. After becoming fed up with having to wait in the ER for pain meds every time one went on the move, we used a treatment our Chiropractor suggested…Eat the flesh of 1/2 a grapefruit twice a day (grapefruit juice is not strong enough to dissolve a stone…the fibrous pulp is what does the trick)…every stone that has formed and made itself known has been dissolve within 24 to 48 hours. We swear by this one


My husband had surgery 2x in two weeks because the stones clumped and could not pass through the stint over a year ago. Started having severe pain and went to ER. They said he needed to see Uroligist to schedule surgery. He wasn’t near a store because he drives trucks but he went to Subway and got several packs of Red Wine Vinegar. Used one pack twice a day with 32 ounces of water with lemon. The pain stopped in 24 hours. Has passed 2 stones 1 cm and several 6 mm within a week. Now he drinks 2 tbsps of Red Wine Vinegar twice a day with lemon water.


After enduring 3 hours of excruciating pain I drove myself to hospital. Not my first bout. They took vitals and ask me to have a seat in lobby there will be a long wait. In lad on my side sat up knelled squirmed then just left. Made it home got on google to this page. filled a glass with – olive oil, – lemon juice and – apple juice(i could not read that is was cider). Was about 2:00AM. within 10 minutes I finally dosed off woke up at 330AM Painless. I will be drinking this stuff from now on well or not. I am so amazed relieved thankful for the internet. If bones are not poking out of the body the medical system kind resembles our law enforcement…..


First time having kidney stone. 4 mm on scan. Have had it for 2 months. Tried flomax and had terrible side effects from it. Trying equal parts of acv, olive oil and lemon juice. Tastes nasty but if it works.


Not necessarily a remedy, but this is my first kidney stone which occurred the Monday before Christmas. At this point in time I still haven’t passed it. Tonight I began to feel the aching pain in my back and decided to try one of the remedies listed. I did the lemon juice, acv, and olive oil. The most disgusting drink I’ve ever had, BUT the pain is subsiding. Now to pass this sucker!


I have been passing stones off and on for about 10 years now. It’s the same typical story, go to the doc, they put you on pain meds and other drugs. I’m getting sick and tired of going to robot doctors. Well, about 7 years ago a friend of mine told me about an Asian medicine man that he goes to. At this point I was open to anything that could help. The old Asian medicine man put me on natural flax seed oil. I took 500 mg of this stuff and in one day my kidney stone had dissolved enough to pass with little pain. Now, I use it religiously when I’m passing stones.


It wasn’t me but my mother. When I was a teenager, my mom came home from work in horrible pain. She opened the refrigerator took our the jar of dill pickles, poured all of the pickle juice in a glass and drank the whole thing. Then went to bed, in the morning she had no pain and no stone. The Pickle Juice dissolved it.


Last night, after watching my husband deal with extreme discomfort for nearly an hour, I mixed up one of the ideas here. I squeezed the juice of a lemon into a glass, added two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of olive oil, and asked him to give it a try. Within fifteen minutes, he had stopped pacing the floor and was able to sit down. Soon after, he was asleep and slept throughout he night. This man is an MD and a Ph.D. He’s still skeptical, saying the oil would not pass into the urine stream,but he is in the OR(working) this morning instead of us being in the ER last night!

Cathleen Warren

After my third surgery in a very short period of time I was in pain yet again and decided to seek a new approach. I located a naturopathic physician and she insisted I go on 6 capsules a day of high potency chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri). I purchased a bottle of Disolvatol from her office and started taking it around lunch that day in between the severe pain waves. The pain dramatically reduced, and I passed that stone later that night. The naturopathic then set me on a lower maintenance dosage and had me take the capsules daily (2 per day… total of 450mg). 20 months later I haven’t had a hint of a new stone. I repeat… NO STONES, and ZERO PAIN.

And here is the kicker: 2 weeks later I went back for another CT scan with my normal kidney doctor and he was stunned. There wasn’t one stone, not a blip, not even a speck of stone and the last scan (before taking the capsules) showed a TON of stones all ready to put me through misery. I never noticed that I passed any stones. I guess they just dissolved as has been reported by so many here.

I’m a believer. I used to be so skeptical of anything homeopathic and herbal treatments but I’ll never doubt them again without first trying them myself. I also tried ACV and lemons but the acid made me so sick on my stomach. If you haven’t yet spoken to a naturopathic doctor please do yourself a favor and go for it.

I’m so eager to help anyone with doubts so if you have questions please place them as comments here and I’ll check back to answer. Also I am active in the private group on Facebook for kidney stone sufferers if you are already there.

I won’t lie. It made me smirk a little when my regular doctor (who previously said this would never work) had to admit something was working very well and told me to ‘keep doing whatever you’ve been doing’.

I don’t know if its possible to post photos on this site but I would love to share pics of my before and after scans.


I just want to say that I found this blog by accident. I have been dealing with stones for 13 years. Several stents lithotripsy you name it not to mention excruciating pain . I had a stone on Thursday trying to pass found this blog took the olive oil acv and lemon juice Friday, followed with just ax and lemon juice twice on Saturday and passed my stone Saturday night. It was a pretty big size to. Not sure if it was just coincidental or that concoction worked but I will be following up with maintenance shots of this to try and avoid future stones. Thank you all for the advice.

Stoned love

I use to have kidney stones and nothing help. After painful bout over and over my doctor told me that he is submitting to the health field that the caramel color in sodas etc causes stones and I should stop drinking it and drink at least one drink a day, (sprite, lemonade, etc) that contains citric acid. it will dissolve the stones before they are release. It has worked now for over 10 years.

Bruce the Moose

First kidney stone cost me $20,000, of which $9,500 was just for the lithotripsy. Had another bout of it this week, and decided to try a remedy. I used equal parts of lemon juice, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar (2 Tablespoons each) and drank before bedtime. By morning, I had no pain, and felt great! Decided to drink it a couple more times to get the full benefit of the detox/cleanse. Was skeptical at first, but now highly recommend this.


My grandmother would tell you to sit on the floor and move as though you’re rowing a boat. This has worked for members of my family when they have a kidney stone stuck.


Apple cider vinegar was the best thing my husband ever did for his kidney stone. He was in horrible pain and he was VERY afraid of the stone moving from the bladder to, um, its final journey. I had him try two oz of acv and I thought he was going to get sick! After I explained to him what it was supposed to do, he gave it another shot. Needless to say, he NEVER endured anymore pain. As for the stone, the only thing that passed was a mucus like substance with NO pain. Thank you to all who suggested apple cider vinegar. My husband thanks you too. He is a truck driver and all this hit him while on the road. We decided to do an ACV cleanse when he comes home to maybe prevent anymore kidney stones. I hope it works….and he is going to drink A LOT of water when he is home. To those of you who might second guess ACV for kidney stones, try it. It may taste horrible, but it worked for my husband…thankfully he didn’t have to go thru the pain of the final journey of the kidney stone.


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