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I am 68 years old and have suffered with pain in my lower back neck and right leg and thumbs, I have worked construction all my life and kinda figured that this was how it was going to be because of my work. I was talking to my sister in law about it and she told me of a med. that the vet gave her for a dog that was in such pain oh by the way the dog was very old that even though it wanted to be petted when you would go to pet him he would cry. The product was called MSM she said I should try it I did and the results has been amazing after about two weeks I noticed that the pain was subsizing, I have been taking it for 3 years and have no pain in my joints at all. Hope this works for you, and yes I know that I can,t spell worth a crap.


Recently diagnosed with RA. I have suffered for over a month with stiffness and joint pain in the mornings in my fingers. Last night I rubbed castor oil on both hands generously, put on a pair of soft dollar store stretchy gloves and when I woke up the pain and stiffness was almost completely gone. Felt like it was a miracle. I plan on trying it again tonight.


My second favorite herbal remedy for joint pain is fenugreek(methi seeds)+tea/garlic.
I swallow about 1/4 teaspoon of fenugreek powder with water then drink some tea and I’ll get this inner warmth that seems to reduce inflammation throughout my body. The tea has no effect for me by itself and fenugreek only works slightly without the tea.


1/3 teaspoon of nutmeg powder is the most powerful natural pain reliever I have tried. NSAIDs or tylenol have no effect on my joint and back pain, but nutmeg puts a good dent in the pain.


For Joint Pain, you can start by taking 400 ui of Vitamin D everyday. After a couple of days you may notice the pain going away along with an elevated mood.

I had joint pain for a while, and only at the age of 27, I felt like should be 80. I got a vitaim screening from my doctor and found that I was vitamin D defficiant. Since I started taking vitamin D everday, the joint pain has gone completely away. The only time I have it is if I forget to take it for a few days.


For thse tired, hurting joints that just never seem to stop hurting…..mix Pepperment oil and extra virgen oil together 9 I miexed mine in a medicine bottle) and rub it into the affected area when needed. Might sound crazy but it does work. I have several diffrent bone/joint diseases and no pain pil works. Just HOT baths and this home remedie.


1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar
1 TBSP of honey
mix it in half a cup of warm water and drink it twice a day


To ease joint/bone pain get a can of WD-40. Spray and then rub where the pain is. My husband worked at a Saw Mill for 10 years and always used WD-40 when his elbows and knees hurt. Works for arthritis too!


Eat a few garlic cloves fried in clarified butter as a preventative measure.


Drink a cup of papaya seed tea six or seven times daily for two or three weeks.


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