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November 15, 2017
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Instead of my typing my lifes story about itching and waste your time..
here it is ‘Black seed oil’, I buy mine from the muslim stores that sell incense yet you can buy it from amazon, or a health food store I think I havn’t checked the health food stores yet to confirm. you can also try African black soap.. I buy my black seed oil, and black seed oil soap liquid from a company called
and my liquid African shea butter soap
from a company called mine botanicals

I mix them together on a wash cloth
I use three wash for the face, one for the body, and one for private areas. because the body parts are different and need special cleaning its unwise to mix the private are wash cloth then use it for face. its disgusting and unsanitary. my opinion.
they are all natural not animal tested. we are saving the little bunny rabbits and I feel better knowing that fact.

I have sensitive skin,and the soaps add life and a wonderful fragrance. then after my shower I put coconut oil on my skin. or sometimes shea butter yet Ive leabred when I had a terrible rash and put shea butter liquid on my skin and my skin hurt more.. maybe shea butter is best for skin with no rash. if you have rash you can either let the skin breath and drink chamomile or herbal tea.. or put a black seed oil only on your skin.. it doesnt hurt my skin..
and it cures everything.. I drink it I mix it with other herbs such as aloe vera juice, green health drink and black seed oil is wonderful.. I love it.. if you have a cut or rash ect.. you can dab some black seed oil on it cover it up and let the black seed oil do its magic..
best of health to you my friends and be well..body mind and spirit..


Its simple and it burns for about ten seconds but if you can man up the best sting/itch cure iv ever found is a liquid medicine called after bite its a small tube like lip balm with a waxy solid with liquid inside that you rub on each bite iv never had a more effective medicine for itch and stinging.


Soak your feet in HOT water for about 5-10 minutes. Works great!!


Helps relieve generalized itching that is worse when trying to fall asleep. When your body relaxes as it prepares for sleep, body temp goes up and makes your skin more sensitive. Your brain then causes the body to produce histamines as it prepares for sleep. This is a major cause of that generalized itching that keeps you from sleeping. The trick is to get past the rise in temp and that release of histamines before actually trying to fall asleep. In other words get that itching attack over with so you CAN fall asleep. Here’s the trick…. load your mp3 player or phone with a list of relaxing music. I listen to new age and recommend Karunesh. Get some good quality over the ear headphones. Sit in a lounge chair (Lazy Boy) and listen. Make sure the room is dark and that you won’t be disturbed. Bring your knees up so that you can easily reach any part of your body that might itch. If you feel an itch, rub it with the ball of your fingertip to avoid scratching and irritation. Don’t try to be stoic- if it itches, rub it. As you begin to relax you’ll see why bringing up your knees keeps you from reaching or sitting up to reach an itchy area. Relax as best you can and you’ll feel your body temp rise and you’ll also start to itch like you usually do when you’re trying to sleep. But you’re not trying to sleep- you’re relaxing and listening to music, which distracts you from the itching. It takes me about half an hour to get over the hump of the itching caused by that release of histamines. If you fall asleep in your chair, who cares? You’re sleeping! When the itching subsides you will be very sleepy and drowsy. Go to bed! Go directly to bed! Do nothing to stimulate yourself (like check for texts or calls) go to bed and close your eyes! Sweet dreams.


Recently, a retired doctor in our community wrote an article for our local paper. He said that he had read that 8 glasses of water a day can reduce the chance of a heart attack by 40% So, he decided to try it. At the end of 3 months he had noticed several benefit he hadn’t expected. One was that his feet didn’t itch anymore. Since that is a problem for me, I decided to give it a try. So far, it seems to be working quite well. And, I began to notice the difference almost immediately. The itching had been driving me crazy as soon as I’d sit down to watch TV at night. Scratching didn’t help, only made it much worse until I was practically sick. Hope this might help someone.


Remedy for Under-arm itch and Chemo Infusion needle area
I had underarm itch which was very annoying. Out of desperation I went to my backyard cut a small piece of aloe plant and rubbed it under my arm. Immediately the itching went away and scarcely returned since then.
This same remedy works for cancer patients who receive infusion / injection. The area itches and hurts badly.Try aloe vera! It works wonders!


I use Thentix skin conditioner with honey for itchy skin. My feet get itchy and it stops the itching immediately. It is great for immediately stopping the itch of a mosquito bite as well. You can find it at


Donne Guffy

mosquito bites.. posion ivy… etc.. promise this works.. use pure ammonia wil counteract the itch.. it is used in those quick relief pens.. but I’ve tried it on a whole arm of posion ivy and mos. bites.. and it works.. also.. chiggers.. if you rub petroleum jelly (vasoline) on the bite the chigger will literally ‘come up for air’ and become trapped in the jelly. hope these help..


Caladryl (combo of calamine and benadryl lotion) works wonders on itchy areas. I used it on my kids for chicken pox in the 80’s and now am using it on myself for oak leaf gall itch mite bites in Chicago. Works!


Petroleum Jelly, slab on a coat, then cover with baby powder. Good if staying around the house. Otherwise looks white from the powder.


Ziploc bag filled with ice and wrapped in a kitchen towel and take 1 capsule of Benadryl. The ice will soon numb the site and the Benadryl will temporarily ease the itch. Works on any type of itch, just make sure you use the towel around the bag to avoid skin damage.


First scrub the area with a pumice stone. If it becomes red, fine. That’s normal. Then wash with soap, apply rubbing alcohol, and put a thick layer of Vaseline over. Works great.


Great to soothe itching

Take a bath in the 1 can of evaporated milk, you can add other combinations such as oatmeal, baking soda ect.
But the milk really works great and soothes the itching!!!


If you have itchy skin, apply vick’s vapor rub (or generic brand) to affected area. The menthol feeling of the vapor rub will relieve the itch

Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Cornstarch is great. You can pour some into your bath water or dust it onto your body. It is great for diaper rash too.


Take a bath with a little peppermint or yellow dock to relieve itching.


Apply aloe vera, cod liver oil, lemon juice, vitamin E oil, wheat germ oil, or witch hazel tea to the itchy area.


Take burdock, chickweed, goldenseal, plantain, or yellow dock in capsule form.


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