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August 7, 2017
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Is it Really Possible to Just Smoke Socially?



There are many people who just smoke socially… when they are drinking, or when they see certain friends that smoke.

But there is a danger that smoking socially can lead to you becoming a full time smoker. Here’s why.

Smoking socially will start a habit, which at first, may be confined to a few situations; but can easily lead to more situations where you smoke. You become carefree about smoking because you have started and are less inclined to not do it… in the same way as eating chocolate, once you start, you have broken a rule and think “I might as well eat more now”.

Starting a habit, even just occasionally will start momentum that would otherwise not be there. That momentum can increase, hence lead to smoking more often. This is essentially how our habits work.

If you were a person that never smoked in the first place, even socially, there is much less chance you would smoke more often, think how non-smokers are.

I know from my own experience that I started smoking on the odd social occasion. This moved on to more often, until I eventually smoked every day. I can say that social smoking did play a major part in this.

This is why leading quit smoking experts will advise you to not even consider the occasional cigarette.

There could also be why gateway drugs like marijuana can lead to the use of harder drugs. Although, not all soft drugs do lead to hard drugs. Just like not all social smokers become frequent smokers.

Summing up

Social smoking will increase your chances of becoming a more frequent smoker.

The best advice I can give is to not start any bad habit in the first place. This will reduce the chances of it becoming more frequent. Social smoking will also make you less carefree about smoking more often. It’s true, not all social smokers become frequent smokers, but there will be some impact on your health. And if you don’t smoke most of the time, why smoke at all?  Recently released a book  Quit Smoking Magic  the book that will help you to  Discover How to Quit smoking in as Little as 7 Days, Even if You’ve been a  chain smoker for the past 20 years – with No Relapses, No extra money Needed, and a 98% Success Rate, Guaranteed !the book Quit Smoking Magic is guarantee that you will Quit Smoking  else  you will be refunded.


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