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I tend to get very itchy an irritated eyes quitw often, escpecially in warmer seasons. I usually just just put ice on my eye. It’s not exactly a special or complicated remedy, but it helps all the same.

Note that I close my eyes and then apply the ice, removing when my eye gets cold. The cold numbs the eye and keeps pain down, while water that gets in the eye helps a lot.


For irritated eyes, make chamomile tea, and make sure you filter it.Wait for it to gets lukewarm, wash your face and eyes with it. It eases your pain and reduces irritation.

Dee Bean

For a pre-prepared, over the counter solution to red, irritated eyes use a product called ‘Collyrium,’ available in most pharmacies. It’s an excellent product containing boric acid which cleared conjuntivitis in 24 hours in my case.


Mix in a 1 or 2 oz. glass bottle with a glass dropper the following-
5 parts distilled water
2 parts pure organic honey
1 part apple cider vinegar

Lay down and put 1 drop in one eye and roll eye around. Then do the same for the other eye. This relieves red, irritated eyes, and gets yuk out. Refrigerate solution.


To get rid of wattery, irrated eyes after cutting onions simply run your wrists under ice cold water,IT REALLY WORKS!


Make an infusion of eyebright and put a warm compress of this infusion over your eyes for at least 10 minutes. Repeat as often as necessary.


Apply cucumber slices to each eye for relief.


Alternately apply cold water and a cloth soaked in hot water to the eyes several times.


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