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November 15, 2017
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OK ladies I have suffered with this horrid condition for over 16 years and tried literally everything, washed in everything heck if somebody told me to stand on my head and bark I would have tried that too. Lol and I think I found something by complete mishap. Because I have had this so long and taken so much metronidazole to treat it I have developed irritable bowel syndrome. Well my Dr told me to take a new medicine called IBGard which is over the counter peppermint oil tablets to help with my ibs symptoms. So I started taking them and after a month noticed I haven’t had any symptoms still skeptical I have waited and still 2 months and no symptoms. Idk if it will last but I’m enjoying it for now!! You can find it at drug store I take 2 a day. I hope this helps somebody else.


diarsoothe happy it works for me ihad bad d and it helped alot it took away cramps


blackberry diarsoothe helped me with bad diarrhea, took away colon spasms too.


Diarsoothe is really great stuff for IBD, IBS-d, colitis/crohns with diarrhea. Testimonials are pretty interesting from the customer reviews at I love it because it doesn’t require a doctor’s trip and pharmacy expense.


For diarrhea, both for e-coli, food poisoning, also irritable bowel syndrome, there’s a blackberry product- diarsoothe. only one I’ve seen, though you could try health food stores, too. it took away the sickening diarrhea fast. is at health food stores, at least in Louisiana, and amazon. hope this helps someone.


I used to have IBS but then I noticed that I got really gassy/bloated after I drank milk (regular, skim and/or low fat, it didn’t matter). So I cut out drinking cow’s milk and switched to Almond milk. Instant relief! No more bloat, no more gas, and best of all, no more IBS-D or IBS-C.


Have been pleased with Diarsoothe for ibs-d. Hubby swears by it. its very tart, needs honey or sweetner, but works well.

Denis Smith

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)made my life a hell. Especially when I am in class and my belly makes noises, it simply is unbearable. Then I was having cough and my sister prepared honey (Yellow)mixed with squashed garlic in a bottle. I started taking it about 1 tablespoon per day. The symkptoms of roaring stomack subsided. I am just in the process. I hope it will totally cure me.


Hubby gets diarrhea on occassion, looks like ibs-d. I gave him diarsoothe, a blackberry treatment that’s on amazon. works, did the trick.


Having lived with iritable bowel for most of my life, constipation can be a real problem at times, I was advised to keep a two week food drink and symptom diary, very quickly I was able to work out from this what triggers wind, runs,pain,bloating and constipation. and then from this what relives these symptoms. no two people are alike, but for example I found fresh pineapple, raisins, banana if eaten on an empty stomach with a hot drink. rns through me, cocanut, sweetners,egg and potato if served together,cooked tomato skins raw apple and raw carrott bloats me etc etc,excersing the cor muscules eg pilatis realy helps. hope this helps.


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