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Turmeric is the best medicine for insect bites.

6 Home Remedies for Treating Mosquito Bites

1. Vinegar- Apply a small amount of vinegar directly on the bump. If there are many bites, take a hot bath in a tub filled with water and 2.5 cups of vinegar.

2. Aloe Vera- Apply the ale gel directly on the bump. It will ease the itching and swelling.

3. A Dry Bar of Soap- Rub a soap directly on the bites, this will only provide temporary relief of itching.

4. Baking Soda and Water- Make a thick paste of Baking Soda and Water and apply on mosquito bites. It will provide almost immediate relief of itching.

5. Onion- Cut an onion and rub it against the mosquito bite for several minutes.

6. Toothpaste- Apply a small amount of all-natural peppermint or neem-based toothpaste. Allow the paste to dry for as long as desired.


I grew up in a Mennonite household in Lancaster County, Pa and one of the things we are ‘blessed’ with is plenty of insects. Another blessing is the mint plant. Not only is it used to make meadow tea (the best tea ever) but if you crush up the leaves and apply the oil to insect bites, it takes care of the symptoms quickly. You can grow this yourself or check creek beds in your area. These plants love moist, shaded areas and finding them is pretty easy.


Chiggers ‘OLD TIME WISDOM HERE’ Happy to hear fingernail polish helped- But that’s really ‘mind over matter’- just does not really work- at least not for me or anyone I know.At my age of 60, yes, I have learnd a few thngs…BE sure to have a lot of this on hand plain old rubbing alcohol -NOT the regular 70%- buy the large bottle of 91 or 92 %- it is cheap!the minute you get out of the field, tall grass,ect go to the shower. DO NOT TURN THE WATER ON! get the super high % of alcohol & sqeeze/pour it on you starting at your neck, cover yourself with it-always start at the top(neck). If you already have a scratch or scab/sore- yes it will burn a little. It will get rid of the chiggers BEFORE they get settled in deep! I have used 3/4 of a big bottle at one time. But what is $1.50 compared to days of misery!You must -just keep it on all of your body,dripping with it, especially from the waist down. after about 5 minutes of drenching yourself & rubing it all over yourself & there soaking wet with rubbing alcohol, get the water as HOT as you can stand it, get SOAPY/wet, scrub with a cloth from neck on down. shave legs if you can, but shave with RAZOR GOING IN THE DOWN [POSITION). ALWAYS do these steps from top to feet. You will get rid of any chiggers BEFORE they get too settled on you.This also helps if you were too late & already have the bites deep in your skin. Last resort: go to a dermotologist & ask/beg him to touch the bites with his lazor. WARNING:When you leave his office go home & put COLD water where DR did the tiny lazor burn. Just trust me on this! Everyone should know that ‘OFF’ & other insect repellant MUST contain DEET! I used to wear jeans when working in the fields- not anynmore- chiggers just climb upward inside your pant legs-They start crawling from your shoes- they start on your SHOES! I never understood why I see so many people spray stuff on thier legs, but NEVER thier shoes—SPRAY your shoes & socks. You are just bringing them onto your favorite chair!!!I wear shorts & used anything with DEET in it!IMP:they are still inside of your pants, shoes, socks-so don’t just lay your clothes on the bed-take them straight to the washing machine!!!


Rub a small amount of eczma cream and take hayfever tablet


We have asps and assassin bugs from time to time. Both bites/brushes sting like crazy and within seconds will cause huge whelps and pain.

After going through every rememdy and medicine in the cabinet trying to relieve the burning/stinging, we found a tube of Preparation H.

Apply the cream to the area and relief is seconds away. Due to what Preparation H was designed to do, it reduces the swelling, and also the itch for almost 24 hours.


For mosquito bites:

Take a cotton ball, soak it with mouthwash (I have only tried Scope), and drip some on the bite. It might sting a little. You can also rub the soaked cotton ball on the bite if it doesn’t stop itching in about 15 seconds. I heard this from my aunt and so far it has worked almost every time.

CoG – childofgod

Tea Tree Oil. Apply directly to bite or sting. Instantly numbs and sterilizes the wound. Works on bee stings, spider bites, flea bites, mite bites, the works as far I know in California.


I use ‘Skin so Soft from Avon and I don’t get bitten even once. It’s a good mosquito and insect repellent.


Crush aspirin and mix with a drop or two of water. Apply to bite to help reduce swelling and sting within seconds. I do this at night and cover with a bandaid leaving it on overnight. Always works. I have tried deodorant and also have tried baking soda. This definately works though. Good luck!


I’m a lifelong believer in Baking Soda, Vinegar and tobacco remedies for insect bites,itches, rashes, etc. but when that doesn’t work completely [ie, still itches &/or leaves big, red welt] do this: REMOVE THE VENOM!!
I have a small vacuum pump [for minor automotive uses]. Center the hose-cup over the welt, and let remain for about 1 minute…the ‘venom’ will be extracted and you will have relief.


To get the mosquito each out rub baking soda on it for a little bit, it helps with the itch and gets the bite to pass faster.


we have a family remedy for bee stings past down from generation to generation from cherakee side of my family use tobaco or snuff wet just a little and stick on where u r stung put a bandad on it to hold it in place

Josefina Vincent

When I was a child we had alot of blackberry bushes around our house so in the summer there were alot of bees. I would get stung on a regular basis. My mom always said put mud on it. I know it sound crasy but yeah put mud on it, let it dry and wash off. The mud is cool so the pain will stop and while it drys it draws out the stinger. You won’t even itch afterwards.


Use ice not heat to heal itchy bites. It constricts blood vessels which keeps the histamines (itch causers) from reaching your skin.

(I learned this in nursing school)


Gentlemen while touring the Volcanic Crater Community El Valle de Anton, Panama, bought a product called Gruber´s Jungle Oil for a severe reaction to sanfly bites. Shit, this stuff not only repels insects but in a few minutes it removed the itching and allergic reactions. Its made by a local herbalist called Botanico Gruber. I recommend it highly! Its available there in the arts and crafts market.


For insect bites, take childrens benedryl or adults, whatever is available to you, and dab benedryl over the affected area, a nurse told me this, i tried it, and it really works great


for insect bites, place a towel warmed by hot water over the area, this may comfort the swelling and may reduce the size. after which put toothpaste in it, any menthol toothpaste will fo. when u feel the coldness of the toothpaste remove it and apply medicine


If you are highly allergic to wasp stings (I am): 1) immediately make a thick paste of meat tenderizer and water and apply to the sting to neutralize the venom, 2) take a double dose of benadryl to calm your body’s reaction, and 3) most important take Apis (a homeopathic remedy) every two hours. This totally cured a HORRIBLE swelling, itching reaction for me in less than 2 days. My previous HORRIBLE reaction took 3 weeks to clear up and I was on steroids! But, if you’re having breathing problems, forget all this and get to the hospital immediately.


Try a little dab of honey on insect bites always works for me


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