Ingrown Hair 05 Home Remedies

Home Remedies



Maintain hot compress over the spots of ingrown for 7-8 minutes, 3x a day. This eases down the skin and it compels the hair to grow correctly.


Beeswax ear candles! If of drains stuff out the ear then why not out of a boil


I had this for about two and half weeks and it started after I had an ingrown hair in the corner of my mouth… after I removed the hair it would not heal up no matter what I put on it… chapstick, carmex, vasaline, and a whole host of other things. After visiting this site I agreed the it was an infection of sorts fungal or bacterial so I thought that would have to be killed for it to heal. Well I was 100% correct and had it fully cured in two days… yes two days. What did I use??? I used hand sanitizer about six times the first day and YES it will STING but it kills everything. I then applied an antibacterial ointment for cuts on it after I treated it with the sanitizer so it wouldn’t dry out. Four hours after I used it I would tell right away it was going to work… I could open my mouth without pain. Today is the 3rd day and you can hardly see it. Don’t listen to all this internal BS… its an infection treat it like one! changing your diet isn’t going to do squat. Good luck, it works! Hurts like hell but it will be gone right away…


selenium sulfide- found in some dandruff shampoos. The selenium Sul. will soften the skin and let the hair grow out. apply to affected areas. Also dont shave close. Use bic sensitive razors. It will help a lot.


Apply warm, wet compresses 3 to 6 times a day to help folliculitis heal faster and stop the itching or pain.

To make a compress, moisten a clean cloth or piece of gauze with warm water. Place it over the infected area until it begins to cool (usually 5 to 10 minutes). You can make compresses with:
Burow’s solution,

you can also pop the area and than let it dry or apply an antifuingal cream daily.


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