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November 15, 2017
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I’m a man in my 30s. Increasingly becoming desperate for the loo all the time and dribbling. Not sure if it’s something going on with my prostate.

Anyway – I’ve found that nutmeg, a little grated over food, sorts it out great for about a week. Would be very interested to know if anyone else has tried nutmeg for incontinence

sara eastern

In my experience tea and beer provoke urinary incontinence fairly immediately,
and consumption of coffee or wheat products often results in leakage through the back door. Tobacco and red wine can aggravate both conditions. When my diet is clean so are my knickers …


I am female, age 60, and have had a little problem with stress incontinence – ‘leaking’ when exerting, sneezing, etc. Thru eliminating dairy for other reasons, I slowly became aware that certain dairy components — often ‘hidden’ in unlabelled foods — were the culprit. READ LABELS and eliminate anything containing: ‘milk solids,’ ‘modified milk ingredients,’ and ‘whey.’ I do mean ELIMINATE – not a single bite. Very important: Only buy baked goods that are labelled. Virtually all unlabelled bakery goods must contain one of these as they bring on the problem.
Even if you don’t believe me – try it for a week. Whenever the problem reoccurs, think back: what did I eat in the last 12-24 hours. Even a bite is enough.
Another note: this is not easy. Processed foods of all kinds – even sliced ham!! – almost always contain these ingredients. BUT IT WORKS. For more than 10 years, I’ve been leak-free — except when I cheat — it’s true, sometimes there is something too good to pass up. LOL


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