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Has anyone had HPV growth in their mouth or tonsils? My Dr says I have them. Any help out there?


Mixed carotenoids are a group of nutrients such as beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene that are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are potent anti-oxidants; which help to protect your cells from oxidative damage, and overtime may lead to potentially cancer-causing mutations. To know more please read my blog <a href=””>Mixed Carotenoids Protect Against HPV</a>


I am a 36 year old woman and I just found out that I have hpv. It’s heart breaking but I’ll get through it. I started taking Papillex daily I found it on line and I changed my diet as best as I could and drink lots of water and green tea with a little raw honey and cinnamon. I wash with forces of nature wart cleanse soap everday found it on Amazon and I take an occasional bath with Epsom salt and I dry my lady parts with a warm hair dryer not towels and I mix a few drops of tea tree oil and little pure aloe Vera and a few drops of vitamin e oil and rub in my lady parts a few times a day and let it air dry or again use the hair dryer. I change my underwear often and make sure to wear cotton types I’m trying to control my stress as best as I can and I’m seeing a gynecologist regularly. I am hoping all this is going to help and maybe can help someone else out. Good luck to you all.


I am pasting my experience here so you don’t make the same mistake!

After searching the internet for cures for BV, I ran across Cervugid Ovules I noticed that all of the blogs that had listings/information, it seemed like maybe their team were the ones leaving the info (leaving testimonials with instructions on how to take? Questionable…), but I ignored it because I was thinking how else does someone in Romania push their products into the US organically? When I wrote to ask questions, Alex (the creator of the product) was very attentive. I went ahead and ordered two rounds of it, based on our email exchange, I had been dealing with reoccurring BV ever since my colpo, and I was hoping the ovules would just about cure anything and everything, I guess… Of course, it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I used a suppository the first day, and felt a few tweaks inside my abdomen that were unusual. I ignored them, thinking it was the medicine doing its job. On the second day of use, I was getting STABBING PAINS in what I would *guess was my left ovary. They were so sudden and severe that I literally jumped out of my seat as they happened. No, no, no, that is definitely NOT right. I wrote to Alex, to let him know what was going on, he said no one had ever had that reaction. I told him I would like to send back all of the unopened boxes – a little less that $300 worth of medicine that I simply will not use. When something causes pain like that in the body, you’d better listen! All of a sudden, the email correspondence stopped. No response. No refund. No nothing. I can’t even tell you if these work or not, because after the second day of using them and the incredible jolts of pain I experienced, I stopped using them. Pain free now, and I looked for a less severe answer. I found boric acid suppositories; ordered them for a fraction of the cost and they worked. Avoid the costly (and painful!) mistake of ordering cervugid ovules. Do not buy them – there is a reason they are not approved for use anywhere!


Hi all, I am not sure if this is HPV or what. I have small pebble hard cluster bumps under the skin and only one bump that’s a little bigger that looks like the cawlflower shape I’ve been reading about. They have been there for years. Haven’t gone away or changed. Do you think these are warts?

So Fed Up With This

I got it when i was 18. I was having unprotected sex but truth is you can get it even when using a condom. Its transmitted from skin to skin contact. So basically even if i just touched someone on their privates i could have gotten it. Im not sure if i got it through a partner or from shaving. I was foolish and used a razor in the tub to shave my vagina because my boyfriend asked me to. Not long after i found a bump down there. The worst thing i think i ever could have done was try to pop it thinking it was a pimple. It spread fast. I was in the clinic getting them burnt off with acid. It hurt like hell. But i wanted them gone. So embarassing. It got worse and worse. I was a smoker so maybe thats why they got worse. I ended up going out of town for a freezing treatment. It was cold but didnt hurt and didnt work. It got worse. The packet of cream they gave me didnt do a thing. I ended up going for surgury and getting them cut off. They just kept coming back. So finally now i just do home treatments with acid but its not working as well as it used to. Ive been hearing alot about ACV treatment. I think im going to try it out and see if that helps. That along with epsom salt baths and elderberry extract to boost immunity. I just want to feel normal and beautiful and not have to worry about this anymore. So fed up…


Thank you all who have shared ideas on removing these warts. I had started with a product ordered online. Needless to say it did not work. I tried organic oregano oil with little results as well. I have now tried the ACV mixed with Tea Tree Oil and can say it has done what all have stated. My clusters are on my penis shaft. I have applied the ACV for 4 days now and they have turned to the black which I believe is a good start. Should I continue the ACV until they go away? I have a feeling I am burning my skin.


I had GW about 6 years ago, my idiotic exboyfriend gave them to me. Im writing cuz i had promised myself that if the ACV worked for me i would let others know because i knew how horrible and hopeless i felt when i had them. I never got around to writing about it but its always been in the back of my mind. So yes, i used the ACV, i had a LOT of warts, all different sizes. I went online like a crazy person and researched all day and night about it, so the following things i did were because i grabbed information that others used. Maybe it was the combination of the things i did, or maybe not, but please, its not a bank breaker, do the same things i did and pray it works for u too. First i would take a good shower and clean the area with antibacterial soap, no odor, then i would put the ACV in cotton balls
and use those huge clear packing tapes and tape them all over the area. I would keep it overnight, and if i was off i would put it in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Im not gonna lie, it hurt and burned and i cried, but it was worth it at the end. During this time i would take vitamin c and drink LOTS and i mean LOTS of 100% orange juice. Nothing fancy, i would go to the dollar store and buy big bottles, as long as it said 100% oj. Then i also went to GNC and bought Garlic vitamins. (It was a bit expensive for me but i had read this from someone else and at that point i was ready to do anything), of course garlic breath is not the greatest, but its better than having to deal with the warts. I did this for like 3 weeks, maybe a month. In the mornings i’d shower and i saw the warts were beginning to fall off by themselves when i went over them with the soap. I had an appt with my gyno to freeze them, and when she saw me she was impressed cuz they were almost all gone. I still did the freezing just in case, and i had the biopsy done just in case too. Today is almost 6 years since that happened and i can tell you that they never came back. Of course, right after they were gone i broke up with my cheating exboyfriend for good. Right after i met my husband and havent been with anyone else since. But if this works for u too, and i pray it does. Please learn this lesson. Do not sleep around, and if you do, ALWAYS use protection because my ex looked normal to me, except for a couple of super tiny ones i noticed after he gave them to me, but this can happen to anyone. The virus is there, it just has to be trigered, some of us just have the misfortune that it visually manifests itself. So Please use protection, and i hope this helped.


Nail polish remover. Apply and rub vigorously to wart with Qtip daily. Warts shrink. Burns but leaves no scars. Better than getting an acid treatment at the doctors office.


Hi I’ve had hpv for about 6 years now. First had those small red bumps that everyone hates. I got rid of them with a prescription from the doctor. Ohhhh did it burn but did the track. Have not had a bump for 5 years since. But do have thaws raised darker skin that clumps up on my shaft and the skin is not as smooth as it used to be. Any ideas on how to get my healthy skin back. Already eat healthy and exercise daily.


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