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August 7, 2017
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August 7, 2017
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How Do You Stop Smoking Naturally Without Drugs and Aids?



There are many ways to quit smoking– with well known drugs like Zyban and Chantix,

or nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) like nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, nazal sprays, inhalators, and e-cigarettes. They are not for everyone though because you just never know one hundred percent what’s in these things and the adverse side effects they may lead to.

You have to question some of the positive reports on these drugs as they are usually written by people wanting to make money from promoting them. Adverse effects have been experienced by users of Zyban and Chantix.

NRTs haven’t shown as many adverse effects although some people want to just get off nicotine completely rather than wean themselves off. With e-cigarettes, it’s not always clear what’s in the liquid used in these devices known as the e-liquid… there haven’t been any long terms trials carried out as yet.

There is usually a cost associated with all these methods too.

So how do you stop smoking naturally without drugs?

You can go cold turkey without assistance, this has been known to be the hardest for some. However, it can be a lot easier… if you have one or two strong reasons (drivers) to really make you want to quit more than you want to smoke. And of course, it’s free.

You can go cold turkey with support and counseling from your local health service. Smoking related illnesses cost the health service and the economy billions of pounds each year. So these health organizations have programs in place to help you quit which are also free of charge.

Another common method that has been successful for some is hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist works on changing your mindset and thoughts around quitting smoking. However, you have to be receptive to this method… it doesn’t work for everyone. Hypnotherapy isn’t cheap either.

Summing up

I would either go cold turkey alone or get help from my local health service. There is a good success rate with these methods, they cost nothing. And you know exactly where you are with these methods and what you are getting, and of course, they are the most natural.  Recently released a book  Quit Smoking Magic  the book that will help you to  Discover How to Quit smoking in as Little as 7 Days, Even if You’ve been a  chain smoker for the past 20 years – with No Relapses, No extra money Needed, and a 98% Success Rate, Guaranteed !the book Quit Smoking Magic is guarantee that you will Quit Smoking  else  you will be refunded.


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