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November 13, 2017
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I found this remedy for hot flashes, i tried it and it worked so great I wanted to share it with ithers.

2 tablespoons bragg’s natural wpple cider vinegar with the mothers in it
3-4 oz of water
1/4 teaspoons dark brown raw honey

Mix and drink in the morning and before bed!

No more hot flashes and no more noght sweats!


Daily Vitamins:
1 Multivitamin of your choice
1 High-potentcy B-Complex (250-500 mg approx dose per B Vitamin type)
1 Sublingual Dose B-12 (1000 iu)
1 Tab 400 mg Magnesium
2 capsules 2000 iu ea (4000 iu total) Vitamin D-3

In addition to the above, I began using a Progesterone (20 mg measured dose) cream, which helped with my menopausal symptoms. I was tested and found to be producing too much estrogen, was having mental fog, night sweats, mood swings and difficulty sleeping. This helped and I can buy it online or from a health food store – all natural form.

Vicki S

Maca 2 capsules twice a day. Works amazingly well. Not expensive. WHole World Botanicals is where I get mine. It is fantastic for sweats and I have the worst my doctor has ever seen–drenching wet at least 10 times a day–to the point where I have to shower and change clothes. Just awful. This is a miracle–I have had these sweats for over 5 years. It is not hormone replacement–it balances the endocrine system from the top down–pituitary-hypothalamus-thyroid-ovaries, adrenals, etc. All working better and better


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