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My Hives are completely gone! I am going to share what helped me, with the knowledge that everyone is not the same, so please try everything. I cleansed my body in this way.

2TBSP a day of Apple Cidar Vinegar with Water and Honey

2tsp a day of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with water (you can get it on amazon) make sure it is the Food Grade

3tsp a day of Collodial Silver (you can get this at a Health Food Store or on Amazon)

Eating foods with natural steroids, I only ate fruits and vegetables for a couple of weeks, and Quinoa, Spinach, sweet potatoes, figs, green smoothies with banana

2000mg Vit C, 5000iu Vit D and a very good multi vitamin

And Alot of Prayer! I am writing this because I feel for those who have this affliction. Please try to cleanse your body of toxins that may be compromising your immune system. And Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

God Bless You!


Here is my best hives remedy. I suffered a lot but now my hives are 90\\% gone.

Tepid Oatmeal Soak

Oatmeal has long been known for its anti-itch properties, according to the Journal of Drug and Dermatology. When you soak in an oatmeal bath, the sugars in the oatmeal are released and produce a gelatinous layer on your skin. This help to soothe, reduce redness and ease inflammation.

Turn 2 cups of oatmeal into a powder either by grinding using a pestle and mortar, or blasting in a food processor.

Alternatively, put the oatmeal into a sock or other porous container (this makes cleaning up easier, but you may have to soak the oatmeal for longer).

Take the oatmeal and pour into a tepid bath.

Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes (the longer, the better) to get the full effect of the oatmeal.

Alternatively, prepare the bath in advance and let the oats soak for an hour. Then top up the bath with tepid water and enter. This way you can stay in the bath for less time as the oats have released their properties into the water.

Once you have finished, avoid rubbing yourself dry with a towel. Either air dry or gently pat yourself dry with a towel.

Do this once a day.

I hope this helps.

You can also visit http://howtotreathives.com for excellent hives remedies.


I just went through a bad bout of hives and am slowly on the mend. I see what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. All of our body chemistry is different. But believe me, I have tried the bulk of all of these. Baking Soda worked well for the itch for a limited amount of time. Oatmeal baths, blah. Aloe Vera with menthol, ahhhh that felt good for a limited amount of time.

I got up several times during the night to apply something for the itch. Prescribed antihistamine did absolutely nothing. I got into some poison oak that got infected then broke out in hives. So don’t know if the hives were caused by antibiotic, antihistanmine, or poison oak. I didn’t care, just wanted them gone!

I detoxed my body. Fasted for a day, then started taking several vitamins, and ,foods that had natural steroids, like spinach, quinoa, etc, you can look it up on google. Drank water like a fish, and prayed alot.

I am happy to say that I am on the mend. My point in writing this is to tell you to try everything. I am not into synthetic steroids, and I see from some of these articles that they didn’t work for people any way.

Good luck, and God Bless You. I feel for those of you that have had this for a long time.


Alcohol on cold bath washcloth will help ease the red hive bumps.


2 years ago, I developed Shingles. As a guy in his 20s, I was sure I wouldn’t get them, but sure enough, I had the worst itchy rash from Hell.

Skip forward to present day, where I started having little hives, in the same place as my shingles. Instant fear.

But they never developed into a rash, just nasty itchy bumps.

I treated them with three things

1) Warm showers, not the steamy hot ones I prefer. The warm will soothe the itch, instead of making you feel like you’re in boiling water, due to the increased sensitivity of those areas.

2) Anti-Histamines. I suffer from spring and autumn hayfever, so I usually have Sudaphedrine and Benadryl in the house. They kill the itch after a while and keep it down.

3) Hydrocortisone Ointment. It comes in a toothpaste-like tube and you can get it just about anywhere for $6-$8. Jut dab a little on your finger tip and apply it to the affected area. I did this every time I felt a mosquito-bite level of itch. (Don’t get it in your eyes, like I did. Burns like hell. Flush it with cold water if you do.)

So I hope this helps out!


2 cups Aveeno or store brand oatmeal soak, 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil,in a tepid bath. stay in 20 minutes or more. Air dry in a cool room. This buys me up to 42 hours of relief. Careful not to slip in that oily tub! Hope this helps.


Tried everything. Everything sensible on here. Various from the doctor. Nothing helped. Five months of problems.
Then discovered I have an infected tooth. Seems any infection can cause hives. My only symptom some minor heat sensitivity but xray showed a different story and a root canal treatment later…..and finally the hives have begun to fade,
So my remedy is to get your teeth checked out.

Gig Sims

I thought I had chronic hives, but learned after twenty years I had MASTOCYTOSIS


Never had this in my life , went on Saturday to the pool with the kids , after a hour i had big red swollen rash over my stomach , I took a shower but it wouldn’t go away, I put some cream on it and was thinking it would be gone the next day But it didn’t . It was itching and looked like nettle burns , started on my stomach the next day on my legs , day after on my arms , it would change every day would come and disappear but showed up on different spot, I used baking soda paste on every swollen red mark what was taking away the itching but it did not go away , on the 4th day i came across a remedy with icy hot , I bought the roller looked like deodorant and put it on every little red mark on my body and drunk 1 pressed lemon with a teaspoon of honey in hot water , you won’t believe it next morning woke up it was gone, hope will never have it again .


If you suffer from chronic hives. You should really read this. I’m not promoting, endorsing or selling anything. No medication. Lesson your outbreaks naturally.

I’ve suffered from chronic hives or urticaria ever since I could remember. Now I life my life 95% free of hives.

I’m an Asian male 41 years old. I’ve had massive attacks or outbreaks at least 3-4 times a year and smaller manageable ones 7-10 times. Yes, I was like you and took prednasone and every other antihistamine out there. (Only one that truly worked for me was benadryl)

Unlike like other people the hives appeared on areas of my body I couldn’t cover up such as my face!

During my teenager years the internet was just in its infancy stages there were no blogs or online information, support group to share ideas and to get advice. All the allergologist did was conduct a allergy test on me and suggest I monitor what I ate. THIS PISSED ME OFF AS NOT ONE allergologist out of 15 had anything else new to suggest and I felt that no one could help me. They just got paid for doing the test and in this field is very subjective and not proven. There was no one correct solution to cure my hives. I had to remember that these doctors are only guided by traditional science and proven scientific methods. Its against their practice to suggest any other alternative medication. The only advise I got was to take benadryl on a nightly basis and stay away from histamine triggering foods.

I turned to Chinese herbs and that didn’t work either.

Here’s what did – This is what helped me keep my hives in check.

1. Stay away from histamine producing or triggering foods. Shrimp, crabs, lobsters, Strawberries, Nuts, Bone marrow and limit your intake of SALT, artificial ingredients and chemicals (flavors) Stay away from any processed food! Hotdogs, luncheon meat, packaged or canned foods.

2. Since 70% of your immune system has to do with your large intestine, small intestine and colon, stomach areas. You need to constantly keep them clean. (Clean you pipes) The cells which fight off and protect your immune system need to be healthy and strong this means eating right – green leafy vegetables.

3. Detox now and start changing your diet and don’t let stress get the best of you. Chew your food well.

4. Exercise and sweat as much as you can! Go to a sauna everyday for 30 mins. limit your sodium intake as this prevents you from sweating. You should aim to lose 2-3 lbs of body water everyday and re-hydrate with 3 bottles of water. Do this on a 5-6 times a week. Don’t drink tap water.

I read posting from a person who had a similar case of hives like myself. He suggested changing the water in your body as much as possible as not much studies done on this topic and its relationship to histamine. 75% of your body is water and if you don’t sweat it out or urinate it out of your body then it remains stagment. Focus on trying to replace your body’s water as much as possible and keep your colon, intestines clean as often as possible.

I’ve been following these simple rules for 3 years now and don’t have any major outbreaks. Although I still get small hives occasionally, I’d say I’m 90% relieved of my hives and I’m completely off medication.

My diet is 60% green vegetables and fruits, 30% meat (beef and chicken only) 10% pizza, hamburgers, NO FAST FOOD, NO PROCESSED MEAT.

Every morning when I wake up, I eat half a small sized orange, or grapefruit and wait an hour before I drink or eat anything else. This is a great cleanse.

I take my vitamins and drink a very thick shake with high amounts of kayle, spinach, carrots, spinach, banana, green apple, pineapple, and little ginger. Blended using my vitamix.

After meals try to drink hot water with slice of lemon. This serves as a detox as well.

Follow this diet and lifestyle and hopefully it works for you as change starts within.

Good Luck!


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