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November 13, 2017
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Use a small amount of Vicks vapor rub on the swelling. It will tingle for a moment but its worth it. The pain goes away fast.


The garlic remedy really helped me. I was skeptical but was in so much pain I had to try something. Used garlic clove as suppository at bedtime, next morning pain was gone.


After trying many over-the-counter and home remedies (none of which worked 100%), and as well as taking Rutin capsules, I’m come up with THE BEST HOME REMEDY FOR HEMORROIDS OUT THERE. Try it, and you will see (and feel!) for yourself!!!

First off, the Rutin capsules do help, and I also recommend them. But, they do not work as well as the mixing the following blender shake (all of the ingredients contain lots of Rutin, in it’s natural form!).

In a blender blend one carrot, 4 or 5 pieces of asparagus, one apple peel, and a good splash of water. Drink it up!!!

It’s tastes awful, but force it down (it’s worth it in a couple hours time when the pain and discomfort disappears ENTIRELY).

Because of the taste, I spoon the mixture into my mouth and simply wash it down with a drink of water, not allowing myself to really taste it that much.

Again, simple remedy with the simpliest of ingredients. Works better than anything else I’ve tried!!!


I am sharing my own experience, aged 32 and suffered from Hemorriod in anal opening of about grape sized..i treated it with Ayurveda (indian ancient natural medicine), we need to understand there are two therpies to follow (Cleansing internally & externally of your rectum)..please follow these steps for atleast 5-7 days.

Rule 1: No Red meat, fried & greasy items for full 10 days.
Rule 2: When you wake up in the morning, first thing, take 50ml of water & squeeze half lemon in luke warm water and drink it in empty stomach for 7 days..this is cleaning internally.

Rule 3: And for External cleansing, take white radish, grate it & pour milk in to the mixture & keep it in room temperature for about 30 minutes & apply in it the anal area 7 wash it with clean normal water after 15 mints

You would be amazed with the results..try this & enjoy life with natural treatments.


It really works drinking 2 litres of water plus eating lot of fibre everyday that you can find in vegetables and cereals. But if it doesn’t work, it’s better to get some surgery as for example the THD procedure which is minimally painfull and without complications


After doing a cleanse I got a huge and very painful hemi. Prep H did nothing. What didn’t work for me was using garlic from a jar but by day 5 I was desperate enough to insert garlic in my behind. I covered it with Vicks and it wasn’t really painful just a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes. And then total relief! Yes, a garlic clove in the keister takes away external hemi pain. Next I did a shallow bath with one cup epsom salts. This morning it has shrunk at least fifty per cent, thank God! My prescription: vicks, garlic clove and epsom! So grateful for this forum. It was not only very useful but highly entertaining and comforting.


I am 24yo. I have constipation problems since age of 10. Because of my massive straining every time I had bowl movement, it caused me to have hemorrhoids. It is the most uncomfortable, disgusting, embarrassing, painful feeling I experienced for years. My hemorrhoids used to at times pop out of my anus, really, really painful. I thought of this pain being a part of my life, something I can’t correct as ALL OVER THE COUNTER MEDS FAILED. I did my research and today I am absolutely hemorrhoids free, and it was a home remedy. This is how. A friend went to the doctor and paid over $1,000 for rubber band ligation. A week later his hemorrhoids were gone. I said I wish I had $1,000 to take care of mine. I did my research and as it turns out anyone can do it from home.
How I got rid of my hemorrhoids at home: You will need a mirror, tweezers, a black small rubber band. I put the mirror under me, stuck my fingers inside and with hot water open my anus a little wider. Put the rubber band around my tweezers 4 times, with the tweezers I strapped the rubber band on the hemorrhoid. I was scare at first when I did it. Got a little painful but yet I was already used to the pain. It took 2 weeks for it to finally fall off. For them 2 weeks I was dipping myself in Epsom salt baths. Today I fully recover from it. After that one fell off, my butt inside was not swollen no more. The inside swollenness comes from the actual hemorrhoid. Once the hemorrhoid that hangs out falls off, you will see the swollenness inside goes away leaving you a perfect, pain free, hemorrhoids free butt. I love being hemorrhoids free.


Hello there! I love how everyone is so free with their ‘butt problems’ online. My issues have been an anal fissure that I’ve been dealing with for ten years, accompanied by off/on hemmis, mostly internal. One thing that I have found that is great for applying anything up your bum are finger cots, a little condom like thing just for your finger that can be easily flushed or thrown away. I have also been reading about squatting while pooping and how that is the optimal and most natural way to go. So all these new higher toilets are really not doing your butthole any service. You can put your feet on a stool to get your knees elevated. I’m constantly changing up my butt cocktail to get my poo soft but no too soft as that will cause problems, too. Thanks for all the natural remedies, going to try some.


Hi this blog is amazing… very informative.. I’ve been suffering from hemorrid on and off for past few years.. initially they subsided on their own without any medical or home remedies but are getting more n more painful every time they reoccur now.
The most obvious thing I observed is that they reoccur almost instantly (next morning) if I have a meal loaded with spices and chillies. If coupled with alcohol (rum,Scotch,vodka or whiskey) they will sprout out like bloody cherries n make our normal life miserable.
Its been bothering me since past 2 days now… with some help from this blog, I have increased my water intake to almost 3 times of what I normally had (2-3 liters is what I normally consume), trying to eat more raw salads n fruits, and almost have had nothing hot n spicy. Its helping a little but nothing significant.
I’m also taken these ayurvedic tablets named piles (2 tablets twice a day) and using an ointment once suggested by a doc (ano-bliss). Little help this time around though..
I’m looking forward to try a couple of home remedies to make life little easy.
The problem is it gets really uncomfortable n stings n pains even when I cough or sneeze or let a fart go..
Also what I noticed this time around is that its more painful when I sleep or lie down…
What thoroughly is confusing me on the blog is that some recommend ice n most a hot water bath…
Lookin forward to hear something for my particular problem…
Thanks in advance..


I tried so many of these suggestions. I would feel better for a day or two and then the itching would return. In desperation, I bought a tube of Desitin. I figured if it worked for diaper rash it just might work for hemorroids too. Well, it did the trick. I used the maximum level and in two days I was cured.

johny cash,, burning ring of fire

Thanks to all
Just tried arnica and crushed garlic, for internal roids, fingers crossed,


I had my piles years ago but it was not painful as compared today. Last week I got a bad feeling with this “H” in my behind but I took it for granted. And now that the pain is very much horrible, I can’t do simple things properly like, sitting, walking and even when I’m lying down. This morning I went to the drugstore to buy an over the counter cream which is called “Rowatanal” Anti – haemorrhoidal cream and I applied it, it has a cooling sensation. But the pain was still there.
Now that I went to this site I have seen a lot of people used the garlic remedy, maybe I will try this at home. I’ll keep you posted in regards with my condition tomorrow.
By the way I am 35 weeks pregnant.


I dealing with Hemorrhid for years since I was in my teens .I’m now 33 and I was trying anything just to stop the pain , from icing it , garlic , doc proscriptions and so on . For the last 2 days I was once again in pain . So I went to walgreens and ask a pharmasist . She wa so nice , she said I know the feeling , instead of trying all the home remedys try this cream. Is cheap and it helpt me .so I bought the cream, honestly with not much hope , since I was trying in the past so many diffrent creams oitments . Came home , more in pain then ever . Used the cream.yes the pin got better but wa still there . After 30 min , I used it again . It has been 1.5 hour since I used it first time .and my lil friend called hemorrhoid is gone . Pain free . Amazing .it calls Hemorrhoidal cooling gel , walgreens brand , under $3 and it actually workt .


I had a hemorrhoid suddenly appear after I stopped using a natural detox/cleanser called Nuez de la India. Coming from Biology background I should have known to ween myself off but when I stopped taking it I became constipated. This lead to a rude awakening after two days off the Nuez. This was my first time ever.Found out it was an external. After reading through some remedies on this site I created my own remedy.

Cut 1/2’x1/4’x1/8′ strips of Sabila plant leaves (succulous plant with anti-inflammatory properties)
Diced Garlic in water (doesn’t have to be fresh, can be store bought)
And Olive Oil (not virgin nor extra-virgin)

Freeze the sabila wrapped in foil and insert as suppositories. Apply olive oil and garlic on cotton swab, apply to the area and leave in place for 2-6 hours. Will burn for the first 15 minutes but after 3 days applying twice a day, swelling is gone and discomfort is usually gone after first application. This works awesome. For internal you might want to roll sabila over diced garlic and freeze, then insert.


ALOE HEAT LOTION a product of forever living worked perfectly you can call 5714905162.I will comfirm to you.
I had hemorroid but not like the one i had recently.This is really painful that I started checking on line for natural remedy and I ready about someone using vicks rob which I tried.This is after using preparation H.It worked a little.I got back to see what else worked and I found someone else used Aloevera.


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