Heavy Menstrual Bleeding 05 Home Remedies

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Cayenne pepper to stop menstrual cycle

I have horrible periods and they are heavy. I bleed so much that my doctor wants me to be hospitalized. I have to take iron everyday. I researched long and hard and finally found my cure. I have combined 3 remedies and they have worked amazing for me during my 7 day cycles. I take 3 cayenne pepper capsules every 6 hours and 2- 500mgvitamin C tablets every 8 hours and i drink rasberry zinger tea or red rasberry leaf tea 4 times a day or more. My period will disappear for the whole day if i take these on a schedule. Usually when im due to take this….i will start spotting. This has been a true life saver. I can actually function and i dont have to schedule my life around my heavy painful period. Make sure to contact your doctor before you try anything new. Use every home remedy with caution and always do your research..especially if you have a medical conditions.


I had extremely heavy periods after a failed IVF cycle. I drank powdered neem leaves with warm water as suggested by someone. But my bleeding actually got worse after that. Not all remedies work for everyone, I guess. Then next day I tried apple cider vinegar and it worked like magic -within an hour.

Amanda Sehet

I had a heavy menstrual cycle that lasted for over two months. I was getting really scared and with no health insurance was unsure if i should bite the bullet and go and see a doctor. Well i came on this site and saw someone recommend iron supplements for anaemia. I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try them. I also read that folic acid supplements also help with heavy periods so
I added them to my daily schedule as well. It turns out that they WORK WONDERFULLY!

I took one folic acid and one iron tablet every 12 hours and within a day my period was already lessening and by a weeks time it was gone. I also added 1000mg of vitamin c and 1000mg vitamin D to help offset stomach issues from the iron.

I don’t know if this will work for anyone else, but without other posting their remedies i would have never found what ended up helping me. I still in my heart of hearts believe that you should seek medical attention if you can do so, at the time i just couldn’t.


What i found works for me is taking 1 65mg iron tablet, 1 vitamin D and, 1 asprin or any other NSAID everyday and within a couple days my cycle had just about stopped completely and i was bleeding heavily for a month so its worth a try God bless ladies!


Ladies a new good remedy for heavy menstrual bleeding, especially working ladies who have stress at work and home and cannot get a day off , here it is:
from the first day of your period add take 1/4th glass of plain warm milk, add fresh lime juice and consume before it curdles, have this 3-4 times a day, you will see a control by end of 3-4 days.
No side effects, simple home remedy. Do reply if this worked!!

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