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This is by no means a perfect remedy, just my experience. I am a 60 year old white female in excellent health. Slightly overweight, with diabetes, I work to balance my life. I was diagnosed with psorasis about three years ago. Also, had shingles shortly after that. Looking back this all came a few months after my mother died. About the same time I lost a job and a family member had huge life changes that affected me. So, stress, stress, stress. Funny thing about stress….the body can have it while we ‘think’ we don’t. The psorasis is limited to long patches across the back of my head and nape of the neck. It started as a one inch long itchy place. Now is has spread to a curved area across the bottom of my head. Itches constantly. I am sick of the psorasis! SICK! I’ve had relief from time to time but had no idea why. I’ve started tracking my diet and came to some conclusions. I havent eaten red meat for 20 years so I’m good there. In the last few days I found relief. I do believe it has to be treated from the inside out. I’ve been taking fish oild gels and vitamin D. I’m eating fresh greens every day and fish. Whole grain bread and fresh blackberries and blueberries. Soy milk. I am joining the y next week and am scheduled for three yoga classes a week. I plan to swim daily and use the treadmill daily building up to 3 miles a day three days a week. I have horses and spend time relaxing with them. Meditation helps, when I do it. I work and have high energy and move pretty fast. I am taking time for rest, journaliing and mindfulness. Thank you all for your posts. You have helped me over the last few months. Hope this helps someone!

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