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I get bad hayfever after trying everything I started taking spirilina tablets one in the morning and one at night my hayfever has gone


In Japan, Ten Cha (Chinese Blackberry Tea/Chinese Sweet Tea) is very commonly taken for hay fever. It’s very popular that you can get it in drug stores or supermarkets.


take a spoonful of the local honey everyday


For hayfever,sometimes your eyes get itchy just make black tea and put it in the fridge make it quite cold , keep on dipping the cotton wool in the tea and put it on your eyes,You will feel fresh and relaxed.


Freeze-dried nettle capsules (Nettle tea also works)

This one was given me by an asthmatic about 9 years ago. She had been taking benedryl for her allergies and a friend suggested she try freeze-dried nettle capsules. She did and for every day that she took several capsules, no allergic symptoms.

So I tried the capsules and was amazed to discover that they indeed did take away allergy symptoms. I also found that the more readily-available Nettle tea (most grocery stores will carry it – you may have to look in the ‘natural’ section)works very well. Capsules are available at most health-food stores.

During intense bouts of hayfever, I have taken as much as 3 capsules 3x per day or several cups of tea per day with excellent results.

I was later told that Nettle is a blood-cleanser. I was also told that similar results may be found with Chinese Scullcap.


For Hay Fever, apply a little Petroleum Jelly inside your nose at the start of each day, this stops the irritation.


Boil minced grapefruit and lemon rind in a little water for 10 minutes. Add some honey and take three spoonfuls a day.


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