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How To Stop Hair Loss Fast And Naturally

You know that aging is starting to have an effect on your body when you notice your hair getting thinner or disappearing entirely. For women, hair loss tends to result in thinner hair that falls out more easily. For men, hair loss tends to result in the complete loss of hair and a receding hairline.

Stop panicking and figure out how you can stop hair loss in its tracks. With these remedies, you can be back to a full head of hair in no time.

There are several things that cause hair loss. Some causes can be prevented, allowing you to immediately start improving the state of your hair. Others aren’t under your control. Either way, it is good to know what you are working with.

Genetics: If your parents suffer from hair loss, it is likely that you will have the same problem when you reach a certain age. However, you can still counteract the effects with these remedies.
Hair structure: The structure of your hair affects how easily you lose it. If your hair is extremely thin, it is more likely to break and fall out.
Hair products or tools: Certain hair products and tools weaken your hair and leave it prone to falling out. For example, curling irons and hair straighteners both do a significant amount of damage to your hair over time.
Tension in the hair: If you wear your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or braid, the tension on your scalp may cause your hair to fall out. For men, this problem can be caused by constantly wearing hats.

A good oil massage is one of the best things you can do to stimulate hair growth, strengthen your scalp, and strengthen the hair you already have. You can use a wide variety of oils, including:
■ Geranium oil
■ Rosemary oil
■ Olive oil
■ Lavender oil
■ Coconut oil
After washing your hair and partially drying it, you can get to your massage. Just put a little bit in your hands and massage it gently into your scalp. Repeat daily.

It should come as no surprise that nutrition is one of the biggest factors in your hair growth and health. Omega-3 fatty acids should be a big part of your diet, since these acids prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. They also improve your hair’s elasticity, which lessens the risk of breakage. These are some good sources of omega-3 fatty acids:
■ Salmon
■ Flaxseed
■ Walnuts
■ Soybeans

Onion juice, while perhaps not the best smelling remedy, is very effective. You can put a whole onion through a juicer and use the resulting juice as a rinse after shampooing your hair. Be sure to condition and rinse your hair after if you don’t want to smell like onions.

Bumping up your protein intake can have a huge impact on your hair health. In fact, your hair is made up mostly of protein. Rely on protein-rich foods like lentils, meat, eggs, beans, and dairy products.

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Mike Tylor

IF your hair fall is in the starting stage, try using natural Aloe Vera gel. Apply the gel to scalp and let it dry for 15 mins. After that have bath. Try this in alternate days, and you can see the result. For those who have heavy hair fall, try hair transplant. I would recommend Seager Medical Group, Toronto, as they are best known hair transplant specialist.


combe OPPOSIT direction night & morning in a couple of months youl notice


Control hair loss with natural home remedies by using either curry or margosa(neem) leaves.


You can try olive oil to cure hair loss.
How to Use Olive Oil for the Hair loss
Here is a step wise, olive oil hair loss treatment procedure, which can be easily carried out at home.
Step 1
Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil, in a bowl. Remember always to use extra virgin olive oil, as it is olive oil in its most natural form.
Step 2
Take a small amount of this mixture in your palm and with your fingertips, apply it on your scalp and hair.
Step 3
Massage your hair lightly. Remember not to pull the hair while massaging as it might increase the amount of hair that you are losing. Continue massaging for about fifteen minutes.
Step 4
Post massaging, take a shower cap and cover your head with it. Leave the oil on the hair overnight or for minimum four hours. This helps in better absorption of oil by the scalp and the hair.
Step 5
In the morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo or with a medicated shampoo. People who are suffering from hair loss should always dilute the shampoo with water and then apply it on the hair and scalp, rather than applying directly, as all shampoos contain chemicals, and these chemicals, when they come in direct contact with the scalp, can weaken the hair roots and thus, cause further hair loss.


May be primarily a preventative approach, though somewhat restorative too, (particularly for men) – but avoiding prolonged mental stress and frequent and persistent sexual activity can prevent, or at least deter baldness.

With frontal baldness corrolated with much mental stress. And top/back of the head baldness with many, many sexual indulgences.

Has to do with the resulting, restricted circulation to the scalp and high levels of a particular type of over wrought testosterone.


A way to conceal hair loss is by using hair fibers such as Fibolica’s all natural hair fibers.


I’m 20 years old and recently my hair just started falling off like crazy. It got to the point where I was left with about less than half of what I had, but this works like magic.

Remedy: A shampoo mixture

Ingredients: Aloe Vera plant, shampoo

Take the piece of aloe vera plant and put it in boiling water. Make sure to moniter it closely. You don’t want to leave it there too long. About 2-3 min will do.

Cut the aloe vera plant and get the gel part out. Put it in a blender and blend until its liquid.
It will get foamy, but don’t worry about that.

Take a bottle of your favorite shampoo, I try to keep it simple though.

Divide the shampoo into two bottles. Divide the aloe vera into the two bottles so each bottle has half shampoo and half aloe vera gel.

Shake well and use every day. It is an amazing product. I was going crazy because I lost so much hair, but this helped me. I hope you all have the same results!!

Note: Some of you are going to ask if you can use bottled aloe vera gel, and although i have tried it a couple of times it really does not compare to the real thing. I strongly advise that if you are going to use bottled aloe vera gel please PLEASE buy the 100% natural one. IT NEEDS TO BE CLEAR. Not green or any other color. Buy the most natural one you can find.


For arresting hairfall n stimulating hair grwth i use 1-2 tablespoon(s) of aloe vera juice everydy empty stomach. It hs all d essntial 20 amino acids required by our body. For bettr reslts aftr 1/2 an hr massage ur scalp with the pores of ur fingers gently till u feel d heat b/w the scalp and the fingers,it’ll increase the blood circulation in the scalp n u’ll get the benefits of aloe vera juice in ur hairs………i say u’ll c the effects aftr sm days:)


A few years ago at college one semester my hair literally started falling out at the crown of my head i had a smooth bald spot the size of a tenis ball i thought it would never grow back, i bought Wild Growth hair Oil(local beauty supply) and mixed it with castor oil(not grease) massaged a little into that spot everyday once in awhile i would add a drop or two of peppermint oil to stimulate my scalp within a month and a half i had fuz growing then it started to grow rapidly and WAY thicker than the rest of my hair it was crazy having two different textures but for at least a year it remained thicker than the rest of my hair. After 5 months of using that my hair grew to the length of the rest of my hair. The combination of the wild growth oil and castor oil is amazing i use it to this day and have others using it on their non existent edges who have seen amazing results, (men and women everyone can use it) Alsocutting the stress out of your life also helps stop hair loss.

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