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I had the worst gum pain due to a broken tooth, I kept putting orajel but it did not work, I also used peppermint oil and it helped for 5 minutes. I tried warm water, salt and a lemon ginger tea bag and rinsed my mouth a few times and my pain went away. Its amazing.


I was in so much pain for a bout two hours may be then I Google how to get rride of gum and tooth pain home remedies and all this stuff came up but I keep seeing salt and baking soda so that’s wat I used so I took salt , baking soda and some crest toothpaste mixed it all together and bursh my teeth instealy the pain was (GONE) PAIN FREE ALMOST ONE HOUR


Get some sage, fresh or dry, pour with hot water like tea, wait until it cools down enough to take to your mouth, swish around, spit, continue to empty the cup. Some mint, camomile or Verlaine would improve the taste. Keeping a sage plant in a pot throu winter is a good idea and you can use it in your cooking, too.


What I Did Is This, I Didn’t Have Much To Use At Home (Apply At Night Before Bed)

•I Massaged some toothpaste onto my gum

•filled a cup with hot/quite warm water

•added salt

•Leave in mouth for 4-5 minutes.

Pain Should Be Gone The Next Morning

Jessica lee

I used when I had an extraction toothpaste containing baking soda I would put a small amount on my index finger and gently rub into the inflamed area then I would get listerine and rinse my mouth out with that because it contains ethanol which can cause a numbing affect once I did that I used warm salty water and repeated these steps until the pain was dulled out so I could take my medication and go to bed it works so well


I’m allergic to baking soda in toothpaste. At the dentist I avoid the baking soda cleansing or polish. Otherwise my gums become swollen,red and inflamed if I use dental products with baking soda.
Two things that alleviate the pain are Sage or Myrrh essential oils applied 100% strength to my gums with my forefinger stops the pain.


I had a very soar and swollen gum that bothered me all day long. I gargled with hot salt water twice, dipped a teabag in hot water and put that on my gum for a few minutes, and then took an aspirin before going to bed. When I woke up in the morning the pain was gone!! Although still a good idea to go to the dentist!!

Your welcome lol

What work for me. I took a lot of advice from here. I was in so much pain, I did a blast of treatment.

Mix white vinegar, peroxide, and vanilla extract. Used it as mouthwash.

Mouthwash with vinegar and salt after that.

Then with just peroxide.

Then place vanilla extract right on the gum.

Went through another hour or two of pain, then all of a sudden it disappeared. Haven’t had any pain for hours, going to repeat again before I sleep.

Only time I felt pain is when I would touch the swore spot with my tongue. Lots of swelling so kinda hard not to do that.

Dr. D

– Avoid touching your gums excessively with your tongue, fingers, toothbrush etc as this can lead to further irritation and possibly infection.

– Try swishing with a solution of warm salt water for two minutes at a time. This creates a saline environment in which most bacteria cannot survive thus preventing infection. (Do this every three hours or whenever pain arises.)

– Eat softer foods while the healing process is taking place and be sure to clean the mouth thoroughly after eating.


Dr. D


I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste with Peroxide and a soft bristle toothbrush to start.

Mouthwash recipe I just made, that works.
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
1 part Apple Cider Vinegar
1 splash of Orajel Maximum Strength fast-acting liquid (according to need)
1 splash of Pure Vanilla Extract (according to need)

You don’t need to use much. Swish around thoroughly, gargle, and spit out.

I’m a smoker, and this recipe instantly sterilized my mouth, got all the tar & food debris out, and numbed the pain.

Also, it seems the Pure Vanilla Extract has the same effect as the Orajel when used directly on inflammed gums, without numbing my tongue and lips in the process. Thanks!


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