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I had bad growing pains when I was a child to the point almost every night I would cry myself to sleep. Didn’t learn about this till I had about out grown the growing pains. But my son deals with the same problem as I have. The best thing to do is icey hot or bengae (sp?) and I have noticed to with my son if he has played hard that day or has been on his feet alot thats when the pain sets in at night so I always try and give him alittle ibprofin before a bath. But I promise you will see a diff. in a few mins just gently massage it in.


I have a (now four year old) little boy who has had growing pains since about the age of 18 months. They are normally only in his legs and feet and attack at night. The best cure we have found is to rub his legs down with either Vicks or Watkin’s White Pepper Lotion, depending on severity. A small glass of milk sometimes help as well. This works and only takes a minute or two to take effect. After we rub him down he sleeps like a baby.


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