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Larry K.

My dentist told me I had gingivitis, I consulted another medical doctor and he told me that it was an anorbic bacteria, meaning it doesn’t need air to live.And the way to kill it was with a drug called “Flagyl”.

I took for a week. Its nasty on your stomach but it works. This can be researched in JAMA Magazine about fifteen years ago. that’s where my other doctor read it. It worked for me. the dentist didn’t like it because he lost thousands of dollars from me.



I had gengivitis, between two teeth for a couple years now. I added 3 things to the regular brushing teeth + tongue scrapping that I normally do.
1) FLOSSING : What I did is floss that part whenever I thought about it (flossing is just not in the europpean culture), so in total maybe 5 times at most within one month.
2) I also use twice daily (after brushing) a green tea mouthwash I made at home : 5 grams of green tea (about 5 tea bags) steeped in room-temperature water for 24 hours then strained. Swish for 30 seconds twice a day immediately after brushing teeth.
3) I usually used soft tothbrushed but eevn with those I kept bleeding. So I bought a much finer toothbrush from Colgate, it says soft but the bristles are much much finer than the standard soft bristles, the feel is also much gentler, and I try to not put too much pressure as well.

Within a month my gengivitis which has been there for two years gave no more signs of pain nor bleeding. I suspect that ther ews some nut skin or something stuck there for the longest time which was cleaned by the floss and disinfected by the mouthwash.


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