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I am finding that Schweppes Sparkling Lemon Lime, Seltzer Water, seems to help. Why I don’t know or how, but it does. Also another thing you might try is if you go on a trip and get sick don’t eat when your in the car. I find that helps. If you need a snack eat gummy bears, they won’t upset your stomach and are good. Those I hear also help upset stomach too. Just don’t wait to long for bathroom I find if your sick. Or just stay home.

IG Gal

Gastroparesis is delayed gastric emptying/digestion. Normally in diabetics, but can be idiopathic (unknown, thus Idiopathic Gastroparesis (IG). Poor digestion of stomach muscle due to a damaged vagus nerve that controls digestion. These are some things I’ve learned over the past 2 yrs after being diagnosed.

Always keep in the house: chicken noodle soup (mainly for the broth)- to slowly work your way back to food after a flare up, gatorade- to replace electrolytes after vomiting, saltine crackers, milk- to coat the stomach lining, ginger ale/sprite- a substitute until for can get food, Domperidone (prescribed for nausea)- doesn’t work during a flare up. Keep peppermints with you daily.

Take an acid reducer like Prilosec (prescribed or OTC) every night to help with the overnight buildup of the acid in the stomach due to an emptiness. It says take every morning b4 you eat anything, but it seems to work better for me overnight b/c it doesn’t cause all day nausea.

Eat/drink MORE blended or easily to digest foods. Soups & smoothies are great. Pasta is great also. Take vitamins daily b/c unhealthy eating results in brittle/dry hair/nails/skin. Eat smaller meals. Eat every 3-4 hours to avoid flare ups & acid buildup. Take a fiber vitamin (my choice (‘Advanced Fiber’ gummy vitamins from wal-mart) to make sure there’s a daily bowel movement. I’ve just began taking a probiotic to see if it works for the stomach.

Refrain from alcohol (beer & light-colored liquor), mustard, OJ, pineapple juice & fruits, energy drinks or shots, tough to digest meats/vegetables/fruit skins. Avoid greasy/fried foods. Charbroiled burgers (Burger King) works better than any other as well as Ground Chuck & not Ground Beef. Avoid coffee. Don’t stress. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep also helps with flare ups.Don’t eat spicy foods. Baked fish is good.

Just be observant until you learn what does & does not work for you. Check with a doctor & online to see what treatments are available. Goodluck!

SN# Domperidone is sold cheaper online rather than the few pharmacies that sells it in the US.


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