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November 12, 2017
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Try chewing gum when you have gas for some reason it works for me


I tried the lemon juice and salt remedy.It worked inminutes.


Lemon juice from half a lemon (bottled lemon juice works fine), couple of shakes of salt, and about 1/2 tsp. of baking soda. Add about 6 ounces of tap water. Has been working great for my severe gas pains.


I woke suddenly in the night with severe abdominal cramping that I was sure was gas from the bean soup I ate. But, alas, 4 gasx and several of the recommended remedies here didn’t even touch the pain. In the morning I saw a doc, turns out the hard core antibiotic I had taken for a recent bout of pneumonia killed off all the good bacteria in my stomach. In addition I was severely dehydrated. The two combined made me extremely constipated and caused the severe pain that I thought was gas. It took an IV bag of fluids to get things moving again and the pain was almost completely gone by the time the bag was empty. So, if you are trying these remedies and they aren’t working, consider LOTS of water and check out constipation remedies. Although a trip to urgent care might be necessary to get the fluids in you faster.


Recently I had horrible gas after dinner. Every three minutes I was passing gas with no relief in sight. I did a quick search and found multiple home remedies. I choose to use 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to one cup of warm water and sip slowly like you are sipping a cup of tea. Within 15 minutes the gas was completely gone!


I found out by accidental experimentation that putting your legs up with knees bent while on the toilet works. Like that commercial that sells that stool that elevates your hips to the ‘natural popping angle’. I used my dogs cage cus it was sitting in the bathroom. It helped greatly!!!! Helped got the gas moving fast.

Velma Dafney Doo

Rolled oats cereal, licorice tea, two bars of extra strength industrial exlaxx, 2 cups of warm but not hot prune juice 1 spearmint sugar free retsin added certs, 2 velamint (any flavor works but I prefer butterscotch) and last Sundays paper. Mix all but the last ingredient, and chuck like it’s your bachelor / bachelorette party. Wipe your mouth plant your self in a lawn chair away from decent folks and DO NOT PUSH. The paper is to fan the fumes so ya don’t pass out and hit your head.

Au Natural Mama

Downward facing dog yoga position or a variant thereof. When I was pregnant, I ate dried apricots and felt like I was going to die. Basically, anything that puts your rear end higher than your head. For me, rocking back and forth in this position or on my hands and knees pretty much forced it right out of me and relieved the pain.


Try doing sit ups. This kind of ‘squashes’ the air (gas) and makes it come out a bit faster. Try doing a few every minute for better results and if the pain still occurs, try to include sit ups in your daily routine. Hope this helps you to relieve your suffering. I am in pain too; that’s why I came to this blog.


Take a vitamin capsule and empty the content.
Fill the capsule with turmeric.
Take with water.
This really worked for me


For the record, I tried the old style remedy of baking soda (1tsp to 6 oz of water) and I felt relief right away! Can’t get any more simple and it’s also almost free!


After having severe abdominal pain with were of a result of I gas,hot milk was the norm to remove these pains, however if it does work it is recommended to rest for a while, walk or apply pressure to the area, after 3 hours of pain, all it needed was the application of pressure to the navel 🙂


A spoon of mustard works everytime.


try doing the shoulder stand. i did this for about 30 before the pain started to disappear. i did this for a total of five minutes and the pain was gone when i stood up. yoga is supposed to be soothing and massages your internal organs. the massaging of the internal organs help get all the built up gas inside you. Hope this Helps!


A glass of beer! Learned this one in Africa after I drank some slightly old milk. I was amazed at the effectiveness.


Sit in a cris cross position with your hands extended flat on the floor and be sure you are pressing your tummy to your legs. Keep your head down. You might have to sit in this position a while


Don’t use baking soda as it corrodes the lining of your stomach. My uncle used that stuff for years and stopped when his dr told his this.


Eat Sugar cane or drink sugar cane juice (have a cup or two and you should start feeling a difference. If not try pepto bismol.


Whenever you have especially bad gas or gas that just won’t seem to pass try this tip I got from a Naturopath.

Move your body into a position which puts your butt above your head. The gas is already in that area and gas prefers to rise – one of the reasons its so hard to get rid of trapped gas.

Try laying on your bed, then sliding down so that your head chest and part of your belly hang down off the bed. This will make it easier for the gas to pass by having gravity and compression work in your favour instead of against.


yellow mustard – has tumeric (like the Indian curry). wash it down with hot water.


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