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November 12, 2017
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It was heartbreaking to hear that my grandfather who was in his 80’s was scheduled to have his remaining leg amputated that was purple with gangrene from his having cut his corns with a dirty straightedge razor that led to gangrene infection. I shared his story with another, and was told that in Russia, experiments with onions proved to draw gangrene out. Around that time, the plastic garbage bag had just been invented. It took around a week, but the gangrene infection left. My mother did the following every four hours wearing a mask and rubber gloves. She’d peel and cut up into slices a bag of large Bermuda onions, place them in a bag tied shut, and then punctured holes in that bag to allow the fumes out. She then placed this bag into a much larger garbage bag that would accommodate my grandfather’s gangrened leg. The entire thing was secured closed at his thigh by loosely tieing a strip of torn cloth. ALL of the gangrene left and his scheduled surgery for gangrene was cancelled, much to the amazement of the doctor.


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