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I have a remedy for gall stones. I was diagnosed awhile ago with acute stomach pains which later was found to be something called ‘sludge’ or a bunch of small gall stones. Pain flairs up every so often that I doubled over in pain and can’t sleep, eat, sit or anything. I have a home remedy book and tried one of the treatments for gall stones that worked almost immediately on the pain. It involves a small glass of orange juice and olive oil. Take 1/2 glass of O.J. and put in 1 T. of the oil. Drink it all at once. The pain goes away in about 5-15 minutes. I try to do this at least once a month to keep the gall stones from forming. But if I forget, when I get the pain, I immediately take this and the pain is gone.

David Smith

Hi, my name is David Smith , One day I started feeling agonizing pain on my right side, under my rib cage.  This BRUTAL pain just wouldn’t stop.  It would even go right up my back, all the way to my shoulder blades! I couldn’t even touch a piece of the “wrong” foods when…the pain would shoot like lightning throughout my body! when I went to my doctor for help, he told me I simply had no other choice but to cut my gallbladder out!

“David,” my doctor said, “You are ‘The Perfect Candidate for Gallbladder Surgery.’” Next came the words that still send a chill down my spine… “So, you want to cut it?”He said it so calmly, kind of like saying “So, you want fries with that?” Just like that? I was going to be another $20,000 in his bank account ?!?!  Because that’s what gallbladder surgery usually costs!

I made a decision that day that I wouldn’t just go along with my doctor’s orders, get my gallbladder cut and hope for the best like my mother did.

No, I was going to take back control of my health, get the real, blunt and honest truth about…what does and doesn’t work… when it comes to getting rid of your gallstones so I could avoid the dangerous operation that more than 500,000 Americans suffer through each and every year.

Two Shocking Secrets I Uncovered…1. Doctors don’t tell you that removing your gallbladder is not your only option!

2. Gallbladder surgery does NOT mean your gallstones problems are over

Believe me, your gallstone problems don’t end once they’ve taken out your gallbladder…simply because your liver continues producing bile, whether your gallbladder is there or not.

Removing your gallbladder because it’s inflamed or because you have gallstones doesn’t cure the root of your gallstone problems!

Finally.i ..Discover What The Medical Industry DOESN’T Want You To Know! that the  exact Easy Natural Method  by which you can Gets Rid of Gallstones in as Little as ONE Day… With No Pain, No Surgery, No Drugs Now, No Matter How Many Gallstones You Have in Your Body – You’ll Get Rid of Them With My PROVEN Home Remedies/Gallstones Natural Solution (book)


Apple cider vinger!!! 1 part acv, 3 part apple juice. I didn’t mind the taste but then again Im used to Pennsylvania dutch homemade apple cider. I was in bad shape -I couldn’t hold down water. But luckily the ACV stayed down. I could only stomach green beans and applesauce. I felt relief in about 20 mins and I was in a full on attack. I have been feeling so great the past 2 months people ask if Ive had my gallbladder removed. I had a tiny attack and realized since we were traveling I was eating greasy red meat and pulled into walmt to get apple juice and ACV. Gone in 10 minutes and haven’t heard from it again!


I forgot the website I read this on but what eased and eventually stopped my gallbladder pain was warm PEAR SAUCE.

I bought 10 pears peeled them (they were not organic) cored and cut them up and cooked them in water until soft about 20 to 40 min. I let them cool and had a bowl of warm cooked pears in their juices. What a relief.

This stopped the initial pain.

I am still recovering and being careful with my diet. I have warm organic apple juice with apple cider vinegar, lots of water with some lemon juice throughout the day. I read apples break up stones in the gallbladder.

It is still the PEARS that keep the pain away. Canned pear may work, I would make sure they are warm.

Good Luck Everyone.


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