Fungal Nail Infection 14 Home Remedies

Home Remedies


Aristide Asprogerakas

To treat stubborn fungal nail infections, I have found that applying heat via a magnifying glass (on a sunny day) totally cure my toenail infection.

I started by soaking my feet in warm water for 10 minutes so that my nails absorbed as much water as possible. This is so the heat can be transferred to as much of the fungus as possible. I used a cheap 3′ magnifying glass from a $2 shop to focus the beam on the entire surface of the nail. I would start by slowly focusing the beam on a section of nail until I could feel a sting. I would then pull back and let nail cool before I did it again. I would quickly zoom in and out so that as much heat as possible could be applied (I even saw small puffs of steam come off my nail). I repeated this process across the entire nail surface.

After a month I could see healthy nail growing out from the base of the nail, and within 6 months any sign of infection has grown out.

I found that just one treatment was enough to treat my nail, but I cannot see any harm in applying the treatment over multiple weeks.


This remedy worked wonders to clear up my mild toenail fungus, which had yellowed half of a few toenails. You need nail clippers, a pointy nail file, and lavender and tea tree essential oils. Soak feet daily in hot water with 5-8 drops of essential oil (your choice) for at least 20 minutes. Once toenails are softened, clip nail straight across as short as possible/comfortable. Dip pointy end of nail file into essential oil and use it to clean out gunk under nail (careful not to let potent oil get on skin). Finally, wipe tops of all nails down with a tissue moistened with a couple essential oil drops. Keep tools sterilized with alcohol or essential oil. Fungus clears up quickly with this anti-fungal oil treatment!

Poppy Kat

I contracted a toenail fungus from a nail salon about 10 years ago. I was tired of having to wear shoes and socks all the time because I was so embarrassed of my yellow thick toenails. I did a vinegar/Listerine foit soak for a few days, but the smell really bothered my husband. I did some research online and found an antifungal ointment called Terrasil. Its kind of expensive, but its working. Its been 3 weeks. The infected nails are flaking off and the yellow color is gone. This has been my daily routine:
In the morning before showering – wipe nails with isopropyl alcohol. Use a clean cotton swab for each toenail.
After showering – dry toes with a hair dryer on the hottest setting for as long as I can handle it. Apply the Terrasil ointment to affected nails. Use a new cotton swab for each toenail.
Spray shoes with an antifungal spray.
Go barefoot as often as possible throughout the day.
At night, wipe nails with isopropyl alcohol, dry with hair dryer, and apply the Terrasil ointment. Sleep barefoot.
Every third day, I take an emery board and file down the nails. Use a new board for each toe.
The key is patience and persistence.
You must do your foot/nail treatment every single day until the new nail is grown in, in order to eradicate the fungus. This will probably take many months.
Good luck!

Doc Savage

I had a bad toenail infestation for many years and this worked like a charm: 1/2 White Vinegar + 1/2 Listerine (the brown kind) + a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Oil. Soak your feet in it for about 30 minutes twice daily. You can do it while you eat breakfast or watch TV. I just left it in a dishwashing tub, and changed it out every few weeks. If the smell really bothers you, you can cover the tub with a cutting board.

Women’s toenails are thinner than men’s, so they will respond a little faster. Mine took about 2 months and it’s been gone for several years now.

For reference, I’m a physician and tried the antifungal pills, the paint-on antifungal treatment, foot powders, creams, you-name-it. Vinegar/Listerine/Grapefruit Seed Extract is cheap, safe, and works better than anything I’ve ever heard of. It can also be used to treat or prevent Athlete’s Foot. The only down-side is that it takes 30 minutes twice-a-day. And no method is fast – it takes time.


Savlon iodine antiseptic spray


Fungal Nail Infection? Try the following.
Buy a tube of Deep Heat Cream.
Load a small syringe with a small amount of the Deep Heat.
Put Needle on end of syringe.
Gently put needle under affected nail and squeeze a small amount of the Deep Heat Cream into the space between nail and nail bed.
Do this on a dail basis and eventually your nail will grow out the fungas.
Good Luck


Clotrimazole, AF Antifungal Athlete’s
Foot Topical Solution 1 Percent (Generic Lotrimin) – 10 Ml.

Bought this bottle on line from Amazon in the liquid drops form. It kills the fungus ASAP! I lost my big toe nail to a fungus infection and 5 weeks later the nail is all clear! Still has some growing to do but it’s not black and nasty anymore. Pain was gone almost overnight and the fungus completely eliminated! I tried Apple Cider Vinegar and Vicks Vapor Rub but nothing! This stuff really works!!


I thought I had a fungal toenail infection for 7 years, it turns out it is psoriasis and it has all the same properties as a fugal infection it’s under the toe nail. Check with your doctor 1st before any treatment and you might save some money.


I had fungus for over 3 years on my toenail, nothing has helped until I start using coconut oil on it. It started darkening and little by little i trimmed the nail until it went completely away. Give it try! Coconut oil is a greattt anti-fungal remedie, it also helps with acne.


I mixed 30 ml Tea Tree essential oil with 30ml Lavender essential oil in a base of coconut oil. Applied twice daily on clean feet and 3 weeks later, the infection is almost gone! Tried creams from doc and over the counter (expensive!) medications to no avail but this homemade remedy seems to be working! I took photos to see the difference and it’s amazing! Hope this helps someone….


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