Fungal Infection on Toes 05 Home Remedies
November 11, 2017
Fungal Nail Infection 14 Home Remedies
November 11, 2017
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Fungal Infections 13 Home Remedies

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I used black salve kept on only for four minutes then let dry. Hurts and stings. Then used aloe then coconut oil. Gets rid of it quick!!


Tea tree oil raw on nail bed,soak feet in hot water and clip as much dead nail as possible wearing gloves off course and file until as thinas possible ,I was able to completely remove nail it was so bad five years and second time ive removed my nails, so after removing dead nail soften nails and feet in hot water then apply tea tree oil all over infected area two to three times a week,plus when bathing put twenty drops in bath water, feet will recover well, be persistant with drops and you will see results,good luck to better looking feet.


I used Jason Tea Tree First Aide Gel for my fungal problem (itchy legs and waist) and it worked.


Grapefruit Seed Extract or oil:


For all those people that have tried Fluconazole, for systemic infection you need 400 mg per day for at least 2 weeks. I have run the gauntlet and read the material for the pharmaceutical and now know that it takes 12,000 for several weeks for a toxic reaction. This is a very safe drug. Buy it on ebay or an overseas website. Sovereign Silver works very good too. Money spend on cream might be good for itching, but not a cure. 100 mg a day is not a cure. Not Nizoral (Ketoconazole) you need 5 mg per pound of weight you are, doctors need to realize that many skin infections are systemic and the correct dosage needs to be prescribed, but most do not do it right. All of the herbs you take is very costly and very time consuming and searching for the magic cure is difficult if not impossible. Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on these systemic candida or systemic fungal infections? If you want something done right, do it yourself, don’t rely on the medical community to gauge correctly.


my toenails were so bad they ruined shoes, socks in no time at all.i was in constant pain. they were thick, curled & like horns. tried curanail, two treatments cost over £50 & didnt work. Eventually i tried soaking my feet in hot water & tea tree oil. when nails softened i cut & filed as much as possible away, dried them then liberally applied hydrogen peroxide. did this two or 3 times a week & now its gone after 3 months. hope this helps

K. Owens

RAW GARLIC: I had a fungus growing under my finger nail for 4 weeks didn’t realize it was a fungus until the 3rd week I got some raw garlic cut it in half and rubbed it on the fungus don’t wash it off if you wash your hands make sure to rub more on it when you’re finished in two days my fungus was clearly clearing up no lie..


I read an article about lavender oil being an effective anti fungal agent.I have found it works well on fungal nail problems.Trim the nail as far as you can and apply the oil with a cotton bud to the nail particularly the exposed edge. twice a day treatement has helped me considerably


Thanks to all of your entries, I have concluded that trying tea tree oil first before Lamisil.

My issue:
On the corner of my right toenail I have started to develop some fungus. It is a white kind. I went to the podiatrist today and he recommended the Lamisil. I have used that one time in the past and it was very effective. It is now 13 years later and it has happened again. After I got back from seeing the doc, I read around and I read quite a few posts about trying 100% Tea Tree Oil. I just went and purchased some tonight at Whole Foods. I cut my nail down so that I can get some of the oil in as far as possible and have applied the oil.

I just have a couple questions…..

After applying it…should I leave the toe to breathe or should I cover it?
How often should I be doing this? Once a day? Twice a day? More?
Do I need the file the nail down? And where do I do this, since it is in the corner of my nail as of now?

Also, please by all means if anyone has any other info they would like to share with me – please please do. I want to get rid of this as soon as possible.

This is where I have been reading a lot of Tea Tree Oil success stories….

tipking (uk website)


I was born with the fungal infection in my body. My tiny little fingernails and toenails were mangled and the soles of my feet had a solid thick callous the day I was born.

I got it from my great-grandmother-grandmother-father, my cousin was also born with it from my aunt/his mom. I have always lived with it over many years, I have embraced the natural way of doing things.

I have tried peroxide, and that has been good. I have tried the vinegar internally and soaking and that has been okay.

I went looking for what deficiency I had to enable the fungus. Two weeks ago I began soaking in gold Walm*rt listerine and also taking 1000mg a day of MSM. Msm is the organic sulphur we need for healthy skin,nails,hair. In our processed foods, the sulphurs are the first thing processed out.

Much more palatable and easier to take the pill of msm than the vinegar, which is what the vinegar provides internally. Soaking in the vinegar, and trying to wash up the smell after, I still smelled like ‘pickles’ the next day and everyone I passed by asked where I had just eaten.

My condition has NOW changed, my fingers and toes are magically getting significantly better quicker!~! WOW No more cracked,bleeding fingernails and toenails. The pain has been debilitating.

SO I will continue soaking 20-30 min.each hand and each foot a day in the listerine and taking my 1000mg of msm a day. A good side effect has been the msm has helped my achy joints, inflamed with the fungus also.

The solid callous on the soles of my feet and up the sides of my feet is disappearing as well. Many sore spots when I walk due to less callous, but looking soooooooooo much better!~!


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