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November 11, 2017
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Hello, I am from Croatia, sorry for my English. For seven years I tried to cure my athlete’s foot. I tried the creams, ointments, except pills.Infection spread to the entire foot. I finally got rid of athlete’s foot. I’m so happy that I have to share my experience. I bought WILD oregano oil min 86\\% Carvacrol, mixed it with olive oil 50/50. Every night I applied foot. ten times the skin is peeled away and grow new. After two months I was finally rid the fungi. For three months I have no signs of infection. Be careful, do not put clean oregano oil (the first time I did, so my feet are swollen)


Try our cedar wood inserts against any kind of foot fungus:) i am surprised an happy about their effect on my poor foot full with fungus 🙁


For years I battled foot fungus and finaly this recipe cleared it in 10 days.

Take 1 Cup of organic Apple Cider vinegar
5 inch root of horseradish and shred it fine and add it to the vinegar. Let this sit in your fridge for 10 days. After 10 days strain the mixture into a bottle. Soak cotton balls or gauze and leave on toenails till dry. Repeat at night again.


I’ve tried all kinds of remedies but I found in this sounds not verywell it sounds kind of gross but when you take a shower before you take a shower or after you take a shower piss on your feet n make sure you get it underneath your feet because the piss has acid and it breaks it down and kill the fungus laugh you want but it works


Try Blue Star Ointment.


I had toenail fungus on 2 toes. After reading about lots of remedies (and trying a few) I tried HEAT. Two or three times a day I aimed my hairdryer on low on the affected toes until my toes became quite uncomfortable (hot!). I also tried to wear sandals as much as possible to keep the area dry. After just a day or two there was no more ‘gunk’ under the nail. I kept up the heat for another week. Now the nails are growing out normally.


I had a terrible burst of foot fungus infection with blisters on top of both foot. My foot were rotten and looked horrible. I saw the doctor but no result. I used pine tree needle/leaf to blend with water and added little vinegar to soak my feet 30 minutes a day. After one or two weeks, I saw dramatic results. The skin started to heal. After a month, my foot looked normal again. I contInued to soak my foot 30 minutes a day with this solution, even my fungus nail stared to get better. Now the nail looks healthy. Try it and hope it will also work for you. If it does work for you please remember to make a comment or vote so more people can benefit.

Roderick Rugg

I tried oat bran, beeswax, cinnamon sticks, you name it. Finally my doctor told me to try Listerine. I did and it worked! I put it on my great toenail after showering every night for 6 years and now it is completely gone. That battle is over and now I can take off my shoes and socks when I visit my coworkers without embarassment.

Maria he hills

I poured neat lavender oil on a skanky nail every day and within 2 weeks was nearly gone , no long drawn out regime. Carried on and with 2 more weeks, no sign of infection but I think has to be every day


Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar!!!! Cured my fungus that I had for years that no doctor prescription could ever cure. And no side affects or risk of liver failure like those doctor medications. Any type of Apple Cider Vinegar would work even White Vinegar I just love the braggs because its organic and it doesnt smell as bad as the others.
So basically I poured 1 cup of the ACV and 1 cup of water into a big bowl and soaked my feet (its good for athletes foot too) in there for about 20-30 min almost everyday. You can instantly notice the color of the nail changing. Before you start however it is important to trim your nails as short as possible and try to remove all the fungus that you can. I know sounds gross but youll be one step closer to normal toes I promise.
I also tried putting coconut oil on my nails when felt too tired or didn’t have time to soak my feet. You can just with ur fingers rub the coconut oil on your toes and let it air dry. Coconut oil is also known to kill any fungus bacteria parasites, etc….. Good luck!!!


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