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November 11, 2017
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Have had good results in treating itchy/painful bites (such as fleas give), by disolving a plain aspirin or two in a bit of hydrogen peroxide and applying the paste directly on the bite site(s).

Another treatment is heat, either by flame or hair dryer, a heated element, stone, glass, or metal object, etc…the key is to have it get relatively hot, but not so hot that it becomes blistering hot.

If using a flame, one method is to quickly move it to and fro, so the heat doesn’t quickly accumulate to the blistering point.

Also,taking into account that nerve endings desensatize after a bit of heating up, so if the pain starts to dissipate/disappear from being close to the flame then cease application…or damage will continue without the normal alarms going off.

This works for the pain off small infections at or near the surface too.

For example: Ever separate a figer nail from it’s bed, by peeling at something difficult to remove?

Usually it will stay sore for some time…But if heat is applied, enough so it hurts a little and then numbs a little, the germs will be killed, the infection will cease, the pain greatly reduced, as the healing begins.

Do not soak finger tips in hydrogen peroxide, it will wick up between the nail and the nail bed and feel like it’s putting pressure that pushes them apart, lasting for hours and hours.


the best way to get rid off flea bites is to mix butt paste and baby powder till its really thick then put it on your flea bites twice a day for a week.

M. Rodriguez

For flea bitesand allergic reaction to their salivayou need to add 2 capfuls of bleach to bathwater and soak for 20 minutes, totally submerging in the warm water. Make sure to keep everypart that is affected wet for the whole 20 minutes, if possible.When the 20 minutes are over you will need to rinse off the bleach to get rid of as much of the bleach smell as possible and shower as regular with the oatmeal body wash,then load up on oatmeal lotion. You may still smell the bleach but it will disappear in a couple of days


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