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Hi Ladies,
I have one that really does work…
I my self have right now a big one and it grew and now I have to get it back under control. Only this time I’m going to get rid of it. I got this remedy from a Trusted Doctor friend who I’ve known for 24 years. First you have to obstain from Chocolate Coffee Tea with Cafiene. Use Lipton Decafe and buy Caffix instead of coffee at a health food store. Typhoo Decafinated tea is really good from World Market/Cost Plus. Then Get your self some castor oil and soft Flannel baby blanket and make two or three layers thick, cut in strips just to be big enouph to lay over your breasts. I did this and hemmed them to gether. After showering Apply 8 drops of Liquid Iodine in your hand and apply to the Breasts and Lower abdomen area above bikini line over female area. Let Dry and then use about a teaspoon or so to each breast of the Castor oil and lay cloth over breast or if its eiser drizzle a fair amount in two circles the size of each breast on the cloth and apply. Hold on with a nursing bra/sleep bra for 3 or 4 hours. Wash your breasts when your done. Where an old something. The oil will make your cloths yuky. Also if you can for a while its hard to keep up. Get some corn husks and heat up in the microwave as hot as you can stand it and apply on top of the bra with flanel and Castor oil over your breast. Do this as long as you can or at least 3 times as they cool in the first hour. I went to savers and found the bra. To help hold the corn husk bags that youve made yourself with the extra flannel big enouph to cover each breast. Also purchase an enormouse bra put it on over your sleep bra and castor oil treatment place each heated corn husk bag in each cup over each breast put a big shirt over that and go sit in the living room and relax. This will help shrink the painful fibroid. Also buy some Iodine tablets or Capsules and take as recomeded. Or try to find a Natrapath/Chiropractor who can advise you. You’l have to do your research and be carefull of purity. Usually the expensive one are the ones that care about that. 12.5 milligrams is what I use and start out with one tablet/capsule. Then Graduate. Too much to fast can cause head aches. Also Colbalt helps the absorbtion of the Iodine. Just a few grains. Or just very little of it a.m and p.m. Do the Tampon (pretty damp and then 4 or 5 drops of Iodine)for 10 days. Then stop for 5 days. You notice less pain and feel the shrinking.
If you must drink R.O. water or Purified water use Lemon in it. This will alkelize the water and make it safer to drink. Or if you can afford it go and buy some Esentia water. Now…do this periodically with the tampon 3 times a week for a while…watch the results. Try hard to read as much as possible and educate yourself. Find a Doctor..Natural Doctor who knows about this…He will know about Kinesiology Muscle testing Acupresure and highly trained. This will help you get started. You really need to have their Expertise. The best are here Phoenix/Scottsdale Az. you just have to let your fingers do the walking and do alot of calling. If they don’t know about Mucle testing ect. don’t bother. Keep looking. Stay away from sugar and wheat. Use Stevia the best brand is Kal it has no fillers and no after taste. Good in tea,Coffee,Cerial,Coolaid only takes a tad. Dont use anything else their chemical poison and cause cancer.
Eat healthy I pray this will help you. God Bless you.


Fibroids are a condition that would leave most people hopeless, since it is so common to get them, and they appear over night. Just like the condition of obesity, which is accompanied with the condition. Due to the body having been introduced to a condition, myocardial infarcture. This means that you heart stopped. There might also be signs of depression. You must begin a B vitamin regimine to treat the fatique that your body is expessing. If you are using opiodes or similar drugs, you can expect to begin fibriolating. Your body is preparing to die. To reverse this effect, begin to incorporate NUTMEG in your diet. You might be avoiding calcium products at this time, however it is very, very important that you drink your milk with the NUTMEG. It will resignal the course of decompostion of bone and teeth. Even if you surgically remove your fibroids, others are most likely to occur due to the anesthesia administered for the surgery.
And, watch out for what your physician is prescribing to you, it just might kill you.

Bernadette Hopkins

Many women seek out alternative ways of treating fibroids rather than opting for surgery and one way that women can help themselves is by looking at foods that shrink fibroids. Although diet on its own will not get rid of fibroids, there is no doubt that diet is an extremely important part of your overall strategy should you wish to use natural treatments.

One of the most important principles to remember is that you should stick with the components of a general healthy diet-whether you have fibroids or not. However, there are specific elements you should both include and exclude to give yourself the best chance of seeing an improvement.

The first thing you should do is ensure that you are well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water ensures that toxins are flushed out of the body and if you do not drink enough fluids, toxins will accumulate in the organs, and this is thought to be one of the various reasons why fibroids form. In addition, constipation can be a by-product of not drinking enough and this again causes the accumulation of waste products which can be reabsorbed into the body.

With regard to a fibroid diet, you should firstly ensure that you buy organic foods wherever possible. the bulk of your general diet should consist of grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and essential oils. Meats should form a small part of your diet and you should avoid eating any processed meats, such as sausages and salami, and fatty meats.

Fresh fruits are loaded with vitamins and bioflavanoids which are excellent for the body. Rather than concentrating on which fresh fruits you eat, it is important to understand, that they are all beneficial and to thoroughly wash the exterior of fruits and eat the skins where possible. Obviously some are better for you than others as they contain concentrated nutrients, such as kiwi fruits and blueberries but on the whole, a good balance of as wide a range of fruits is the best approach.

Other foods that shrink fibroids are vegetables. As with fruits, a balanced approach is best. Nutrients are generally higher when foods are in their raw state so get into the habit of eating a salad daily, made up of a ‘rainbow’ of colored vegetables as in general, the brighter the color, the higher the nutrients. If you cook vegetables, ensure they are just lightly cooked-steaming is an excellent way to preserve water soluble nutrients. If you do cook them in water, try to use the water in gravies or sauces.

Onions and garlic deserve a special mention. They are both excellent sources of antioxidants and help keep your female hormones in balance. You should include them wherever possible, particularly in their raw form.

Eating the correct oils is also important for a fibroid diet. Olive oil and the Omega oils contained in oily fish are particularly useful for the body. Avoid saturated fats, including butters and those in cheeses.

With regard to meats, try to stick to fish and lean white meat such as chicken, choosing organic where possible. If you do eat red meats, stick to very lean cuts from a reputable source. It is also worth trying soya burgers and vegetarian ‘sausages’ if you enjoy these types of foods.

Other foods that shrink fibroids include beans, nuts and seeds, the most beneficial being flax, pumpkin and sunflower.

It is important to understand that on their own, foods that shrink fibroids will not be as effective when the dietary element if thought of as just one part of an overall treatment strategy for fibroids. Not only is diet important, but you will need to make lifestyle changes if you want to see significant success.

Many thousands of women worldwide have succeeded by following the 7 Step Plan for Shrinking Fibroids. This is a comprehensive system which incorporates everything you need to do to both quickly relieve the symptoms of your fibroids and to successfully eliminate them altogether by using natural methods.


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