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False labor is actually either Pre-labor or it is Early Labor, two different things.

The former is the body gearing up & prepping for actual labor. It can last for weeks or days. It is a good thing, just embrace it as your body working well without giving it any real concentration.

The latter, in a 1st time mommy, can last from a few days to a few hours but typically somewhere in between. My 1st child, early labor lasted 12 hours before changing to Active Labor.

Labor goes best when you IGNORE Early Labor contractions, just going about your day (or night) as usual. You can notify your birth attendent if called for but don’t give the contractions attention except love. You WILL KNOW when you have entered Active Labor when you can no longer ignore the contractions and they require your full attention.

Now your job is to stay relaxed through the contractions. I highly highly recommend checking out The Bradley Method.

Even if you are open to, or plan on using pain medication, don’t let the term Natural Childbirth scare you away from learning good, strong, and real coping techniques and attitudes which will give you a more empowered birth experience and outcome!


Have a ward bath if you find them uncomfortable, don’t take any remedy to remove them, you have them for a reason, they are practice contractions and work the uterine muscles in preparation for the real thing. In short, it’s training, the body needs it, you wouldn’t run a marathon without training would you?


Drink a lot of water and relax as much as you can


deep fry some cumin seeds in a frying pan. put quarter glass of water. filter and take only the liquid adding a drop of ghee in it. if it is false labour pain it will stop immediately. otherwise it will increase


Drink a glass of milk or water with a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon.


Boil a handful of drumstick leaves and two teaspoons of coriander seeds. Drink a glass of the resulting solution.

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