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November 8, 2017
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A good remedy for someone who has had partial facial paralizes due to a mild stroke, or as our grandmothers use to say when you are ironing, or in a hot kitchen for a while and you go out in to a cold area, your face may experience paralizing, your mouth is pushing to the side of your face, your eye may stay open, and tighness in your face. Our remedy is warm olive oil not hot just lightly warm and massage the side of the face that is stiff and cover with tobacco leaves, you can unroll a tobacco to do this place on the face and press with a hankerchief tie to keep leaf in place and sleep with the leaves on your face. Do this for two to three nights and your face will return to normal. I experince this and my doctor said it was some sort of facial inflamation, he gave me pills to correct but I didnt take them, I hid the pills my mother told me don’t take the pills when you get home I will do this treatment and it worked. I dont advise anyone not to take the medication but you can also try this remedy and you will see that natural works better.


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