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November 8, 2017
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November 8, 2017
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So about a week ago I was starting to get sick, and one morning i woke up with my eye filled with little crusties around it. It reminded me of the time I had pink eye in kindergarten. I instantly got up to see my eye, and saw that it was pink. I got scared that it was pink eye but I didn’t think I could get it again, so I asked my mom to check it and help me with a cure without a visit to the doctor’s office. She gave me an old Croatian home remedy. It’s very simple.

Items needed:
-Chamomile Tea

Take the chamomile tea bag and have it sit in the mug while the waters boiling. Once the waters done and poured into the mug, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes for it to cool off enough (not too much). Then do the next procedure over a sink or something that can drain. Then cup your hand and tilt your head down and have someone help or do this part on your own. Take the mug and pour the tea into your hand as much as it could fill without overflowing. Once you have it there, take it to your eye and make sure you get some in there. Blink rapidly until all of the tea is gone. Then repeat this step until there is no more tea. Once you’re left with only the tea bag sitting in the mug, cut off the excess string, take a small towel or gauze, and place the tea bag on there. Don’t wait too long because you don’t want it cold. (won’t help). Then place this on your eye and make sure the tea bag is horizontal. Leave all of this there for at least 30 minutes. Best time to do this would be when you’re laying down before bed so you’re relaxed. If you do this at least 2 times (ea. 1 night), then your eye will start to get better. My eye was better after the second wash. The redness was gone and cleared up. Chamomile helps cleanse your eye of all the bacteria and particles that might be irritating it. Hope this helps!!:)

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