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November 8, 2017
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November 8, 2017
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RE Carnes

to make eye lashes grow without olay serum that drys your lash or fake lash that messes up your real lashes to make you wear even more to hide it…okay i have a case on my hand to help you get the lash of your lifetime…now you can use lash curlers every day cause it good for you lash blood flow and getting unclosed pores making the lash grow..use this secret of olive oil to moisturize and sure to make your lash grow for real though…use this method cause i tried this and it truely works..i wouldnt submitt to anything if i havent tried it…you will have flawless lashes like mine so use it!!!!:^]


I don’t know about u guys, but I am very self conscious about my eyelashes. They are the dark black I want, but they are a bright blonde on the tips. So, to darken them, coat them with an eyebrow pencil, then put a layer of mascara on. DO NOT REMOVE let it sit and it dyes them


Since I don’t use mascara, I use this remedy to make my lashes look longer, thicker, and simply luscious.
You will need:
-Petroleum jelly
– A mascara brush (you can get this at a makeup store, they usually provide them for testing makeup)
First, spread a layer of petroleum jelly on your eye lashes.
Next, remove any clumps of petroleum jelly with your fingers.
Then, swirl your mascara brush in a very thin layer of petroleum jelly.
Last, stroke your eye lashes with the jelly-coated mascara brush from root to tip.

Your lashes should look better than ever! Please comment and tell me your results1 I hope this remedy works for you!


Once a week mix water with a little bit of johnsons baby shampoo. Then use a cuetip to wash your lashes with it. They need to be healthy just like hair, and they have to be clean to be healthy. Every morning put conditioner or unsented lotion on them with a cuetip. Don’t be afraid to spread it on thick! Leave that on for a while then wipe it off well but don’t rinse it. This works wonders. I have had people say my eyes are gorgeous and ask what mascara I use. It is embarrassing but satisfying to tell them that I am not wearing mascara. Hope you get to say that some day!


EYE LASH GROWTH- put castor oil or olive oil before going to sleep on your eyelashes do thish like for a month or two. IT ACTUALLY WORKS 🙂


Trying to get thick long eye lashes… I’ve been trying forever and just started puting vitamin e on my clean eye lashes every night befor bed I really have been seeing a diffrence.ur eyelashes need to be cleaned and conditioned just like ur hair.

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