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November 8, 2017
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Eye Care Home Remedies

Home Remedies



For Flash Burn releif cut up Irish Potatoe and place on eyes. Will relieve the burning,and will help the eyes heal. Most Wielders will confirm this.


what to do if you get hot peppers juice in your eyes?

simply take a dab of salt thru the mouth and it disappears in seconds; the reaction of sodium entering your body helps the lacrimal of the eyes to flush acids and contrarrest the burning sensation really quick. Note: do not put salt in the eyes)


I have always used a regular tea bag, soaked in warm water for about a minute. Place on the eyes or place several drops in the eye. (make sure the tea bag is not hot) It is very good for irritation.

This is also wonderful for eye infections and I have used it on kittens when their eyes get all gunked up with infection. It has never failed. Just make sure you don’t use the same tea bag for both eyes if only one is infected.

Have used this for years for all sorts of eye ailments and have never been dissapointed.


To remove small dirt or debris from your eye. Stand strait up and look strait down to the floor. Cover your clean eye with your hand. Pick a spot on the floor and keep your affected eye pointed strait at it. Do not blink or move your eye. Spit three times on that spot. This should have caused your eye to water a little removing debris from your eye. This only works with a small spec of dirt or other small object. If you have alot of debris, use an eye wash.


Papaya is rich in carotene, this is good for your eyes.


Under eye puffiness is simply water retention. To encourage fluids to be reabsorbed into the body, let nature take its course by moving. Take a walk, do some housework – just move it.


Take B-complex and cod liver oil to increase eyesight.


Take eyebright and fennel in capsule form to increase eyesight and to combat cataracts and glaucoma.


Soak a cloth in hyssop or witch hazel tea and apply to a black eye to reduce swelling.


Make an eye wash from eyebright, goldenseal, strawberry leaf, or witch hazel tea to relieve irritation.


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