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November 8, 2017
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Low Energy in women,

I have found the following natural
food based remedies that have helped me personally solve problems with
low energy.

Peel one clove of fresh raw garlic and swallow as if it is a pill. ( don’t attempt to swallow a piece of garlic that is larger than you can handle swallowing) Chop it to the size that you feel you can comfortably swallow using only water to help swallow it down. Yup you will have garlic breath for three hours or so, but you may feel a boost in your energy levels within 5 minutes ! ( don’t swallow more than one clove at a time….garlic is a very strong herb and will have dramatic effect on your physical body)

This second remedy has more to do with digestion but may also improve mood and immunity.

Raw ginger can be peeled and then boiled in chunks in water. Add white sugar or honey to the pot and then drink down once cool enough to drink. The raw ginger will reactivate your digestive sytem and reinvigorate your pallete.


Pour a full glass of milk, crack a egg and stir the egg till it dissolves takes about 30 minutes for it too take effect works really good I use this when lifting weights helps u go for that extra set or extra mile


Eat Dates. They give you an instant lift and best part is its natural. Make sure you buy the expensive ones sell for about $22 a kilo Australian dollar. They are a lot nicer.

Also Lemon juice mixed with a water and sugar usually gives me a lift too.


Royal Bee Jelly with Pollen & Propolis is amazing!


Avoid fast food at all costs. It makes feel really tired during the afternoon.


Excersise!! As funny as it sounds, I told people for years that after caring for my 3 children and cleaning, cooking, etc., I didn’t have enough energy to excersise. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I recently started going to a gym 3-4 days a week and let me tell you I FEEL GREAT WHEN I’M DONE!!! It’s when I don’t go that I feel like a bump on a log. You don’t necessarily have to go to a gym but even 10 mins of some type of excersise will give you a BIG enery boost! Try it and see what I mean!


NEED A JUMP START? Jump up and down 5 times. It will get your blood flowing and start your engine.


HONEY….This is already digested by the bees so it delivers STRAIGHT to your blood stream.


Avoid foods with refined sugars.


Take hawthorn with cayenne or garlic for strengthening the heart.


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