Embracing Gray Hair



From high-profile journalists to well-known actors and actresses, the option to “go gray” has become increasingly popular in recent years. Gone is the stigma that men and women with silver hair are undesirable and unattractive. In this day and age, women and men of all ages are now embracing their gray hair and feeling more empowered than ever before.

Having gray hair not only frees you from the confines of having to dye your hair on a regular basis, but it also does wonders for your pocketbook, since salon and home dyes and treatments can be very expensive. There’s also no more worrying over roots peeking between colorings and the embarrassment that comes from having to hide them under a scarf or hat. Just being able to relax and show your true self is reason enough to give up the coloring game and embrace the gray.

Ways to Embrace Your Gray Hair
Want to join the millions of others who have thrown their hair dye out the window and embraced their gray locks with open arms? Here are some tips to help you achieve just that.

1. Manage your hair with love. By choosing a shampoo with a blue base, you can help prevent your gray hair from developing a yellowish sheen. Also, consider purchasing a hair conditioning mask to keep your hair moisturized and in tip-top shape. Using a conditioning mask just once a month will go a long way in keeping your gray tendrils healthy.

2. Opt for a flat iron. By using a flat iron, you can make your hair look extra sleek and radiant. It’s quite common for gray hair to get frizzy from time to time and using a flat iron will work wonders on bringing the luster back to your locks. But, as with any heated styling tool, excessive use of the flat iron is discouraged, since overuse can cause a great deal of damage to gray hair.

3. Consider a new haircut to show off the new you. For women, a more modern hairstyle, like a graduated bob with sleek bangs, can really emphasize gray hair and make it stand out.

4. Live your life to the fullest. A woman’s beauty isn’t based on what color her hair is, so embrace your gray hair and start living each day the way you’ve always wanted. 

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