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August 23, 2017
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August 23, 2017
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Easy Exercises to Kill or Avoid Erectile Dysfunction



A big part of erectile dysfunction is your circulatory system. Or rather, problems with your circulatory system, like heart disease for example. And the best way to keep your circulatory system in good health is getting some regular exercise.

While practically every exercise imaginable contributes to cardiovascular health, there are some that are better than others. Let’s take a quick look at 3 easy-to-do exercise that can help you kill ED, or lower your risk of developing it.

Oh, and if you’d like to learn about more exercises that take the fight to erectile dysfunction, and can make you a powerhouse in the bedroom, use the link below to watch a recommended video.

Beating Erectile Dysfunction

Also, just be aware that this post isn’t meant to be medical advice. Always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You don’t want to drop dead from some unknown condition before you get a chance to take things to the next level in the bedroom with your partner.

Pelvic Floor Exercises
Despite the odd sounding name, this exercise does not actually involve you doing pelvic thrusts on the floor, or something goofy like that. The pelvic floor actually refers to the muscles that support your bladder and bowels.
Strengthening these muscles can ward off erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and impotence. It can also help you achieve more powerful ejaculation as well.
How to Do It
Doing this exercise couldn’t be easier. Just sit or lay down in a relaxed position and relax your abs, butt, and thighs. There, you’re done. Easy right?

Just kidding. Once you’re completely relaxed, tighten the muscles of your anus without squeezing your butt. This may sound tricky, but it’s basically the same as when you try to stop yourself from peeing mid-stream, only this won’t make your penis feel like it’s on fire.
Basically you squeeze for 10 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. You can also mix it up with short 5 second squeezes as well.


Why walk when you can run? Running is one of the best ways to stay lean, and keep your circulatory system healthy for long and strong erections in the bedroom. While running does take more effort than just walking, you get added benefits such as:

1. Burn more than double the amount of calories
2. Better regulation of appetite hormones
3. Better at helping you keep belly fat off
4. Reduced risk of heart disease

As you can guess, all of these benefits feed back into the big benefit that we’ve been talking about: Avoiding or killing erectile dysfunction. So if running instead of walking is something you’re capable of, give it a try.

How to Do It

I shouldn’t really have to explain this, so instead of telling you to put one foot in front of the other at a rapid pace, I’ll give you a few tips on how to make the most of this exercise.

Stay Hydrated � You’ll probably sweat a lot while running. Make sure you stay hydrated so you don’t suffer dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. But keep in mind that if you drink a ton of water minutes before you run, you could get a side stitch so drink a couple of hours in advance.

Wear Spandex � Unless you’re thin as a rail you’ll probably run the risk of chaffing if you run often. Buy some spandex underwear to keep your thighs protected while you run.

Carful with Your Knees � If you experience any knee pain while running, no matter how minor, stop. You should never exercise if there is pain involved, you’ll just do more damage to your body.

Half Pushups

If running isn’t your thing, this exercise may be for you. And the good news is, if you ever slacked off during gym class, you probably already know how to do this one.

The point of doing half pushups is to decrease the amount of muscle strength you’re using, and increase the cardio aspect of the exercise. In other words, it’s like doing more reps instead of pushing more weight if you were lifting weights so that you can lift longer.

How to Do It

This is simple. Do a pushup but only go halfway down, then come back up again, and repeat. You can do as many reps as you want as long as you really feel yourself getting a good workout.

WARNING: Don’t attempt to do this exercise as fast as possible or you could injure your elbows, especially if you’re older. Maintain a steady, comfortable rhythm.

More Exercises That Combat Erectile Dysfunction

There are a lot of exercises that combat ED by helping you to improve your circulatory system’s health and stay lean. While the three exercises listed above are a good start, they should be a part of a sustainable exercise program.

The key word here is sustainable.

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Easy Exercises to Kill or Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

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