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Dr. Christine Northrup is the guru on aging and menopause. Her recommendation for vaginal dryness has worked perfectly for me: inserting vaginally a bio-identical hormone cream called ‘Estroil’. It is OTC and only $14.78 (includes shipping) from pureformulas.com

via her website: DRNORTHRUP.COM

Use over-the-counter lubricants. Regular intercourse, itself, helps keep the vaginal tissue strong and well-vascularized. However, some women experience uncomfortable vaginal dryness during menopause, even though their libido is fine. There are plenty of treatments that can help with this problem, including over-the-counter lubricants. Other solutions to vaginal dryness include estriol vaginal cream, or herbal remedies taken systemically, such as black cohosh, wild yam, Dong Quai or chasteberry. Vitamin E suppositories are also helpful.

Peace from Portland, OR


I have been encountering this problem and I am not sure what I can do to stop this. Its very or rather extremely painful whenever I have an intercourse with my partner. Oil, quick shower doesn’t help as i go back to natural state. Condoms even make it worst for me….


I’m only 23 but yet I suffer from a dry vagina. It makes me even more paranoid when I hear things in movies, books, men talking saying ‘she was so wet during sex’ because I think that’s never going to be me. Iv tried Replens which helped but it left me with white clumpy discharge. I’m just scared that when I get a new bf we will have to use lube and I feel at my age I shouldn’t have too. Im not that keen on sex either. I could go without it because it doesnt bother me. Anyone else have a similar problem?


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