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October 29, 2017
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Wash hair normally (try moisturizing shampoo). Then wash with a small handful of coconut oil. It’s good for your hair and makes it soft and, well, moisturized.


I know it sounds absolutley insane, but Budweiser beer helps condition hair. ONLY Budweiser PURE beer not ale or wheat.

All you have to do is wash your hair as you normally would, if you usually put conditioner in it, DON’T.

Next, Pour the beer on your scalp a little at a time and keep rubbing it in. Let it sit for about 3 minutes. Rinse it out and your done.

Only do this once per week or so to your hair.


Apply yogurt in your hair 30 mins before shower for best results.


2 eggs
Half cup milk
Wet ur hair then mix the eggs and milk massage into hair put plastic bag around ur head for 10min….wash hair with light shampoo and conditioner makes hair grow nicely and makes it shine

Stephanie Salazar

Coconut oil it seems to work for about everything,

Liquify coconut oil in your hands
Rub all over clean dry or damp hair
Put enough in enough so you can see the oils.

Let it set or thirty minutes

Then take a blow dryer and add heat for fifteen minutes

Rinse, shampoo as usual


Take handful of fenugreek seeds, (increase the quantity depending on thicknes nd length).
Take water in the bowl, nd put the seeds into it. . . .
1. soak in water overnight, at least for 6 to 7 hrs.
2. In morning grind it in mixture, til it becomes a smooth paste.
3. Thn aply on scalp (mainely) nd thn, frm top to bottom hair.
4. Wash it whn u fil its gtg to dry. Wash b4 by warm water. Wash it of totaly frm ur hair. Clean your hair nd thn use ur shampo nd coditinor.
5. It wil smooth your hair aftr 3 washes. Nd al ur scalp related problem vl b solvd.


Mix 1 part of ACV(Apple cider vinegar) & 2 parts of water, fill the mixture in a clean spray bottle. Spray the mixture only to the hair & not on then scalp. Leave it as long as you wish and rinse as usual followed by conditioner.

I recommend to follow this once a week for a month to see your hair smooth & shiny.


1 or 2 bananas and 4 to 6 tsp of olive oil it works great for dry hair


I have permed, color treated, and frizzy dry hair…for years ive just cut off the ends and tried not to use heat treatment bur nothing seemed top help until i was reading about top 10 drugstore conditioners, so i tried Aussie’s 3 minute miracle and OMG what a difference! My hair is soft, shiny and looks amazing!!! I used it everyday for a week and even my hair dresser noticed a complete 360 in my hair!! Its expensive so i mix a little bit of my other daily conditioner with it to stretch it out. Make sure to leave it on for AT LEAST 3 minutes…i leave it on for about 5. This is a heavy conditioner so it will weigh down curly hair, which is what i needed for my ultra curly perm, its hasnt stripped my hair color so i assume its safe!Ive tried salon crap (ion, redkin, …ect) and it made my hair feel dirty…ill never go back to salon hair care, aussie all the way!


After a shower, my hair tends to become excessively dry and rigid for several hours. After towel drying it, before it’s almost dry, but still moist, I gently add some lotion (mild and free from harsh chemicals kind)to the tips and lower half of my hair. it makes my hair smoother and softer until the natural oils from my scalp kick in.


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