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Try Natures Tears EyeMist. It’s an all natural dry eye product. check it out!


I’ve had dry eyes at night for several years. I was used to waking up several times a night and having use eye drops, which only provided temporary relief. I was able to find permanent relief by simply applying a thin layer of Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (with Vitamin E & Peppermint) on my eyelids and both corners of each eye. Careful not get any in the eye. I get tears instantly, and am able to sleep through the night.


My doctor had me increase vitamin A , Omega oils, Vitamin E, and MSM

this did the trick


The reason for some cases of dry eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. These are the glands located along the eye lids that let out small amounts of lubricant each time you blink. If these glands are clogged, dry eye results.

The simplest home remedy (and most effective) I have found is to place a hot water bottle over the eyes while lying down. The hot water bottle should be heated to a temperature that is comfortingly warm enough to keep on the eyes for 20 minutes (not too hot). If this is done for a week, once each day, and improvement results, then clogged glands were probably at least part of the cause of the dry eye.
Also never rinse your eyes with cold water — always warm — when washing your face.

Jacuzzi clean

Previously I had Dry eyes for 5 years or more.

But 1 month ago I saw a video regarding bacteria in jacuzzis and Spa bathes. It prompted me to go full-pelt with white vinegars and lemons galore to clean the hidden pipe work. It took about 6-8 hours of continual emptying. filling and running the system.

Since then my eyes have not itched once, whereas before they were constantly very irritable with an insatiable desire to rub, scratch and generally red.

I hope this helps someone


I have suffered from dry eyes with itchy eyelids and goop forming in my eyes for over two years and was prescribed various eye drops from my VA Dr’s to keep my eyes lubed, “treat the symptoms and not the problem” is the way Dr’s do medicine today. Finally, I went to a older OP Dr who told me that my dry eye was called Blepharitis (blef-uh-RI-tis) and commonly occurs when tiny oil glands located near the base of the eyelashes malfunction and clog. This leads to inflamed, irritated and itchy eyelids. Several diseases and conditions can cause blepharitis but in my case it was caused by microscopic mite, partying in my oil glands and clogging up the lubricating process.

He prescribed a new essential oil towlet that contained Tea Tree Oil with other compounded to whip my eyes with 2x/daily, but after 2 weeks of use, my eyes looked sunk into my head and the chemicals in the towlets dried up my eyes so back that I didn’t finish the 30 day supply.

Now to how I cured myself. I beleive in the healing properties of plants and hit the research books to which plant oils are safe for use around the eyes. What I came up with is Frankincense and Lemon oil. Here is my recipe:

*one teaspoon coconut oil
*10 drops frankincense oil – properties as an antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent.
*10 drops lemon oil – properties are anti-infection, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant.

Both oils are used in womens beauty creams so dont be scared of using them. (NEVER put essential oils in eyes!)

Mix until uniformed in a small glass or ceramic dipping bowl.

Using your clean finger apply mixture around your eye (but not in it) cover top and lower skin of your eyelids. Then around the eye socket, over nose bridge and down your nose and over your eye brows. Do this at nite before bed for 14 days. Cured and I must say my eyesight is much sharper today. Cant explain that one.


If your eye is dry when you wake up, try leaving your ceiling fan or table fan off while you sleep.

Nidhi Tandon

I recently got a lot of relief from my dry eyes problem, so I wanted to share it with other sufferers. I will try to post it on other dry eye forums as well, so that maximum people can benefit from it.
I belong to India, and sadly, we don’t have many good eye doctors here. (Some of them are really great, but many are crappy!). So I had this problem of red and itchy eyes. Over here, it is generally perceived as conjunctivitis. I showed it to three eye doctors and they had no clue! I Googled about it and came to know about dry eyes. All links said that I should try ‘artificial tears’. I went to the chemist, and they had no idea what artificial tears are… so well, I suffered with the itching every summer (it went away in the winters).
One year back, my friend took me to an eye doctor she knew. I went unwillingly and he told me I have dry eyes (finally!) He told me to use Tear Plus drops along with another eye drop (I don’t remember its name, sorry). So I started using them. They gave me some relief, but it was very temporary. Also, the bottle said do not use more than what’s prescribed by your doctor. Since my eyes were itchy all the time, I felt like using the drops many, many times in a day, which scared me. Also, here in India, there are many people who do not like to take Allopathic (mainstream) medicines. I am one of them, and I rely more on “desi” remedies (Ayurveda or home based remedies).
I tried rose water (it was very painful for dry eyes), and many other things. None of them worked. One day I was just applying cold cream on my face, thinking how it preserves and restores moisture in my skin, when I thought, hey my eyelids are made of skin too. They are dry and need moisture. So I applied some cold cream on my eye lids as well. It gave me temporary relief. So after some time, I applied a little more. I continued doing it… and when it started itching, I just put a little cold cream on my eye lids (make sure you don’t put cream IN your eyes. In fact, if you can get fresh cream off the milk, it would be best because it’s free of chemicals).
So well, after a few weeks, I was cured. Which means I did not have to apply cream all the time – maybe once in two-three days, which was perfectly okay for me. My dry eyes come back each summer, but it gets okay with the cold cream therapy. Just make sure the cream you use has the right consistency – neither too watery, nor too thick. Also, don’t play too many video games because then you don’t blink for long.
I’ve read that taking Omega 3 tablets is also helpful. I took one each day. They helped me with my itchy skin (I had a skin condition too) but did not help much with dry eyes. You can try taking them… maybe they will work for you.
One note: when you apply cream, your eyes will be blurry for some time. So do not apply cream before driving.
I’m sorry if I made any typos… I just want to help people out there who have dry eyes. I hope my method helps others.


My eyes were itching so intensely that I could have dug them out it was so bad. I went to an eye doc after my retina almost detached and they gave me eyedrops which helped at the moment but didn’t stop the itching from coming back. I began to take MSM powder last week and I got up this morning and for the first time in a couple of years I had no need to rub my eyes. I mixed one teaspoon of powder into about 1/2 cup of tomato juice and drink it down, just once/day and my hair is growing in thicker too. The main reason why it probably helps is the sulphur in it.


Check your thyroid hormone levels (free T3 & T4). If you are low, take natural dessicated thyroid. For me, it took about an hour and my eyes were moist for the first time in over 35 years. Also took away my joint pain and various skin conditions.


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