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Food grade diatomaceous earth periodically mixed with animal’s feed allegedly rids them of internal parasites. Dusting and rubbing it into their fur also kills fleas…won’t hurt them if they lick some off…has to be ‘food grade’ though, the kind used industrially, pool filters, etc. isn’t safe for consumption.

As much as I write about this stuff, one might think I sell it – but only buy for myself, and give away few little samples to friends/neighbors.

For more details – suggest trying a web search.


I have a german shepard, who has patching and bald spots. Along with fleas. I found
by putting baby oil on has bald spots and patches at nite and giving him a garlic clover every morning. With in a few days he is back to normal. I also rub his bald spots with garlic. It keeps the insects away from from him. I also wash him with Dawn soap for the fleas. He spends alot of time out side in the yard and it seems tobe working.


diesel fuel and dog shampoo. 2:1 ratio ( 2 fuel to 1 shampoo ). Yes this sounds very crazy but works…soak the coat with the mix leave on for 5 minutes then rinse off. Do not do this in direct sunlight. and do not wet dog before applying mix. My bosshas 2 german Shepards and they are outside dogs..they Never get fleas…you never see them itching he applied all fuel then added the shampoo to wash it off. But it works..really


here in Thailand, Dogs are plagued by intestinal worms, heartworms, and fleas and ticks.

We give our 20 Kg Thai dog a clove of garlic everyday in her food and have her tested regularly at the vet’s for parasites. Her Snap4DX tests and microscopic tests show her free of heartworms, intestinal worms and tick spread diseases.

Ticks still attach when she goes out, but a wash with mild organic liquid soap mixed with an equal part of white vinegar kills them and they fall off in the suds or rinse water.

She came to us with fleas, ticks, ear mites, and sarcoptic mange. We cured the ear mites with a popular local remedy made of neem oil and garlic that sells in all the pet stores, for the mange we used borax in 1% Hydrogen Peroxide after daily washing and it completely cleared after a month.

Haven’t seen any fleas since we started the garlic and wash, so it seems to repel them. Better, cheaper, and safer then poisons and other chemicals.


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